Huawei Mate X Price in Sri Lanka – A Cool Device You Need?

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What Is The Current Huawei Mate X Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 250000 to Rs. 350000
Huawei Mate X - Sri Lanka

Huawei Mate X Review

How much do you think the Mate X costs? It’ll run you up a bill of around Rs.250,000 – 350,000 island-wide. Although it costs an arm and a leg, it’s unique. Huawei recently teased the release of the Mate XS – you might have to save up for it too.

The device is one of the few tablets that can be turned into a phone. It’s no surprise why it was so popular when it was first released.

When unfolded, its screen is 8 inches. For a tablet, this isn’t that big. Some options are over 12 inches – just take a look at the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

Huawei made it 8 inches for a reason, though. When folded, it’ll be the right size to fit in your palms. It converts to a 6.6-inch handset.

The thinner the tablet, the more expensive it would feel. We’re happy to say that the Mate X is paper-like. Its width is 5.4 mm.

It’s got some good weight too. It feels very solid at 295 grams.

Holding it for long won’t be comfortable. Just take a look at its edges, they’re sharp. Your palms would feel sore.

There is a MicroSD slot on it. You’ll have to place a nano card to expand its storage. Yes, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack as well.

The panel on its front is OLED. The colours would be very vibrant. As its display is so big, you’ll be able to immerse in videos well. But we have a complaint – the hinges of the tab can get crimped. Considering how the Mate X is so expensive, this is a drawback. 

Your viewing experience will be sharp. Its 8-inch front offers a 2200 x 2480 pixel resolution, while at 6.6 inches, it’ll be 1148 x 2480 pixels.

There is barely any bezel action going on. It has a superb 86.9% screen-to-body ratio.

It houses the Kirin 980, which is a powerful chipset. But we have to talk about the Galaxy Tab S7 again. The Galaxy Tab is more affordable, yet it comes with the Snapdragon 865+. It’s a chipset that is beastlier.

You’ll be able to expand its storage. Remember that you’ll have to use a nano card. The ROM it already comes with is pretty good. You’ll be picking it up with 512 GB of space. RAM-wise, 8 GB would be available. It’s more than enough memory to make apps load fast and ensure that force-closing would never be an issue.

We have a problem though:

It has a 4,500 mAh battery. Whether you’re using the Mate X folded or not, this size does not cut it. Expect the handset to fully draining in less than a day. No, its battery is not removable.

You’ll need a 55 W fast charger for it. This makes up for its mediocre battery life. The device reaches 85% charge in half an hour.

The 55 W cable would have to be placed inside its USB-C port.

Huawei is a company that makes good cameras. We think they hit it out of the park with the Mate X. The shots taken by its triple set-up would be colour accurate and very vibrant. The set-up consists of a 40 MP primary wide lens, an 8 MP secondary ultrawide lens, and a tertiary 16 MP ultrawide lens. The tablet takes superb pictures in low-light too.

There is no dedicated selfie camera. You’ll have to use the set-up on its rear.

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