iPhone 11 Price In Sri Lanka - Is It Worth An Arm And A Leg?

We all know how expensive the iPhone 11 is, but should you go all out? We’ll be answering this below, so keep reading.

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What Is The Current iPhone 11 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 135000 to Rs. 239000

The iPhone 11 is expensive, no question about it.

You’re probably wondering why its price range is so huge. Well, what warranty you get with the device, as well as its onboard memory affects how much you’ll get it for.

iPhone 11 Review


The iPhone 11 looks very expensive and it is. It doesn’t come with just any glass back. You get Corning toughened glass which is known to be the toughest in a smartphone. It lives up to its claims, so you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone.

Around the glass is a metal frame. It wouldn’t be an Apple device if regular materials were used, so you’ll see 7000 series aluminum on it. If you didn’t know, 7000 series aluminum is soft, yet very strong.

The iPhone 11 looks great too. It comes in colours we’ve never seen on an iPhone before. These are green, yellow and purple versions. We’d have to say that the purple looks the best as it’s soft and subtle, but still turns heads.

In general, the red, green and purple all look soft outdoors, due to the glass back. By no means is this a bad thing.

It has a heft to it, which is what you’d expect from a phone so expensive. It’s a 194 g device.

There’s a dual camera set up on its rear. If we had to put our finger on it, we’d say it looks like a fidget spinner with its flash being the third wheel. The camera set up would be one of the first things that would catch your attention. It’s matte, which contrasts its glass back.

Unfortunately, there’s a camera bump that we’re not fans of.


The phone is big but on the smaller end of the phablet spectrum. Its screen is only 6.1 inches. This along with the fact that its edges are so curved means the phone is a dream to use.

It comes with a Liquid Retina display. This may sound luxurious, but it’s an LCD panel that’s fitted to the edges. The iPhone 11 Pro also comes with a Retina display, but it’s Super Retina. Super Retina is QHD OLED, so videos are otherworldly.

By no means is its display bad:

It has a screen resolution of 828 x 1792 pixels, with a 326 PPI. This means you won’t notice pixels, but they’ll stand out when placed with phones like the iPhone 11 Pro.

The bezels on it are kind of thick, but they aren’t too bad. As a result, you get a screen to body ratio of 79.0%. The thing is, cheaper Samsung devices have better ratios, and rock Super AMOLED displays, like the A30s. So, what gives?

An Oleophobic layer is present. Whether you’re snacking on Murukku or a bag of chips, you’ll never have to worry about an oily screen.

You get Apple’s True Tone display that we love. Whatever setting, the phone would adjust colours to it. This makes the iPhone 11 very easy on your eyes.

The Apple device can get really bright. It has a brightness of 625 maximum nits, which means you’ll easily be able to combat the harsh Sri Lankan sun.

iPhone 11 - Sri Lanka


The phone has a small, 3110 mAh battery. It has an endurance rating of 94 hours. This isn’t bad, but the much cheaper Huawei P30 Lite has the same rating.

With heavy use, the phone will last about half a day, to a day.

In the box, you get a 5 W charger. For a phone so expensive, this is not okay. However, the iPhone 11 accepts an 18 W fast charger, but you need to buy it separately.

According to Apple, the charger takes the phone from 0-50% in half an hour. This isn’t a stretch as the device goes from 0-80% in an hour.

It costs an arm and a leg, so the fact that it has wireless charging is great.


The iPhone 11’s a beast when it comes to performance. The A13 Bionic chip is on the phone, and if you didn’t know, it’s Apple’s latest processor. None of Apple’s chipsets can outperform it.   

The A13’s closest rivals are the Snapdragon 855, and Snapdragon 855 plus chips. However, the A13 chip is superior. The iPhone 11’s biggest competitor, the S10 uses the 855.

Like all iPhones, the 11 comes in multiple memory variants. There’s a 64, 128 and 256 gig version of the device. This wasn’t a surprise as Apple does this with all of their phones.

We’re not too fond of its RAM though. It only has 4 gigs, which is a shame as cheaper phones like the Samsung A50 do as well. Not to bash the iPhone 11, but the s10 has 8 gigs of RAM. Certainly, the phone is snappy, but not as snappy as it should be.

The Apple GPU is stunning. We can’t think of any issues when it comes to gaming, except for the phone’s battery. It’ll limit your performance, but this isn’t a major issue. What’s more, the iPhone 11 has a great screen, so your experience is amazing!


No doubt, the iPhone 11 has one of the best cameras in the game. It has 2 cameras on the back, both 12 MP. One of them takes wide shots, while the other takes ultrawide ones. The ultra-wide lens is great for landscapes as you get a 0.5 x zoom.

It also has an excellent portrait mode. It captures a lot of detail and allows for a soft look that Apple devices are known for. The phone’s night mode is amazing, so you’ll never struggle to take pictures in low light. Then again, the phone is expensive, so this was expected.

The iPhone 11 has an impeccable HDR mode. It sharpens shadows and brings contrasts to life. We can wholeheartedly say it’s one of the best out there.

Alternative Phones

Without a doubt, Apple did well. Not only does the 11 perform like a beast, but it also comes from a brand anyone would swoon over. But does this make it the best phone out there? Let’s run through some worthy alternatives to find out.

iPhone XR

The XR has Gorilla Glass on its front and back. It’s really strong, but not as strong as the iPhone 11’s. Similarly, it has a 7000 series aluminum frame, so it’s built to last.

The single-camera and lack of matting makes the phone less premium than the 11. After all, the XR doesn’t cost as much.

You get a Retina display, which is nothing but a fancy LCD panel. Unfortunately, the phone has some bezel action going on. However, it’s identical to the 11’s as both phones have a 79.0% screen to body ratio.

This isn’t the only way they’re similar. The two have 625 nits of maximum brightness and a screen resolution of 828 x 1792 pixels. Of course, the true tone display we loved in the 11 is also in the XR.

Unfortunately, it comes with a less powerful chip, the A12. However, it’s no chump as it still outdoes its Snapdragon counterparts. It doesn’t come with as much RAM though. There are only 3 gigs. Speaking of memory variants, you can get the iPhone 11 either in 64, 128 or 256 GBs of space.

The XR’s battery isn’t as good, unfortunately. The phone is inferior, with a 2942 mAh battery. For comparisons’ sake, its endurance rating is 16 hours less than the 11’s.

Camera-wise, the iPhone 11 is better. After all, it has a dual set up. In terms of selfie camera, it does a better job too. It has a 12 MP camera instead of a 7 MP one.

iPhone XR - Sri Lanka

iPhone 11 Pro

The Pro is similar to the 11 but better, though smaller. The phone’s screen is 5.8 inches, so it’s easier to use. Its display is more vibrant and detailed as it’s OLED. This gives it 800 nits max brightness. So, outdoor use will never be an issue.

Its colour options are less in-your-face. You get a gold, silver and dark green. The back’s matte, while the camera set up is glass. This is the opposite of the iPhone 11’s set up.

As it’s smaller, the device is lighter. It’s 188 g, but this doesn’t make it as light as a feather. It has the same toughened glass on the front and back, which we love.

The A13 chip we’re so fond of is present in the device, and it comes with the same memory variants.

Although it has a more powerful screen, its battery isn’t compromised. The 11 Pro has a 3046 mAh battery, with an endurance rating of 86 hours.

When it comes to cameras, it’s clear that the 11 Pro is better. It has three 12 MP sensors on its rear, after all. In the front is its 12 MP selfie camera that’s identical to the iPhone 11’s.

iPhone 11 Pro - Sri Lanka

Samsung Galaxy S10

The S10 doesn’t feel as premium as the iPhone. It’s pretty light at a 157 g. That being said, it’s made from premium materials. It has Gorilla Glass 5 on its front and the 6 on its back, which is durable, but it’s not as tough as the iPhone 11’s glass.

You get a Dynamic AMOLED Display. It’s better than the iPhone’s by miles. To put into perspective how much better its screen is, it has a resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels.  

The S10 has almost no bezels. Its screen to body ratio is 88.3% after all.

Depending on the variant you get, the Samsung device comes with different processors. It’ll either have the Exynos 9820, or the Snapdragon 855.  At the end of the day, the A13 is more powerful.

The S10 beats the iPhone 11 when it comes to snappiness. It has more RAM, at 8 GB. Its storage options are better too, as you can get the phone either in 128 or 512 GBs of space.

Technically, the Samsung has the better camera. It has 3 on its rear, and a 10 MP selfie camera. Pictures are more dynamic, but the iPhone 11 produces softer shots, which look more appealing.

Battery-wise, the S10 doesn’t do as good as its Apple counterpart. Its screen is powerful, so it drains a lot of power. This is why it has an endurance rating of 79 hours.

Samsung Galaxy S10 - Sri Lanka


The iPhone 11 is a beast of a device. It comes with the A13 chip that’s one of the most powerful processors out there. It certainly beats its Android counterparts, giving it an edge. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with the best RAM.

The phone’s screen is big, but it’s not as powerful as it should be. This is especially true as cheaper Samsung devices come with Super AMOLED displays.

Its camera is otherworldly, which is incentive enough to get the device. However, its battery isn’t that powerful.

Of course, the Apple device looks great. You can instantly tell it’s expensive, and it feels premium to the touch. You don’t need to feel it to know it’s expensive, it carries the Apple logo, after all.

Let’s not forget that it comes with some serious glass on its back, which Apple calls the strongest in the world. 

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