iPhone 8 Plus price in Sri Lanka – Is it Old But Gold?

screen size
1080x1920 pixels
Phone Camera
12 MP
Apple A11 Bionic
2691 mAh

What Is The Current iPhone 8 Plus Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 70000 to Rs. 88000
iPhone 8 Plus - Sri Lanka

iPhone 8 Plus Review

The iPhone 8 Plus came out a couple of years ago. How do you feel about owning a handset from 2017? Although it’s quite old, it feels luxurious. It has a Gorilla Glass and aluminum build. The glass on it is super strong, so good luck trying to scratch it.

The glass-sandwich makes it feel like a million bucks. However, it causes it to collect a lot of fingerprints. It makes the phone slippery as well.

Did we mention how big it is? It has a 5.5-inch screen. Most phones these days are over 6 inches, so it stands out.

Like most iPhones, it doesn’t come with a microSD slot. That being said, the storage it comes with is more than decent.

Know that you’re not getting a 3.5 mm headphone jack either.

It has a fingerprint sensor. It is on its home-button. The 8 Plus unlocks in the blink of an eye.

You can’t pick it up in many colours. But our favourite choice it comes in is the red – it’s sportscar-like. The others available are:

  • Gold
  • Space Grey
  • Silver

Being a premium device, it isn’t a surprise that it’s thin. The following are its dimensions, 158.4 mm x 78.1 mm x 7.5 mm. There’s a bit of weight to it as well. We’re fans of heavy phones. The 8 Plus is 202 grams.

The former flagship can handle a beating, not just because it was made from super strong glass, but because it was made IP67 rated – dust and water won’t be issues.

Display wise, an IPS LCD panel was placed. It’s not the most vibrant. However, Apple’s LCDs are known to be sharp. The mobile is no exception. Its resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Just like its rear, a strengthened glass is on its front. You’ll have a hard time trying to dent it. There is an oleophobic layer as well. It makes it impossible for grease and muck to stick.

As its screen is not big, you won’t be able to immerse in content that well. If it had a better screen-to-body ratio, its immersivity would’ve been better. Unfortunately, its ratio is just 67.4%. When the iPhone 8 Plus released, infinity displays weren’t really a thing.

Out of the box, it runs IOS 11. Apple updates handsets for generations, which is why it received the latest IOS 14.4 update. There is a powerful chipset inside – the A11 Bionic.

If you remember, expanding its storage won’t be possible. However, the ROM choices you can pick it up with are more than decent. You’ll be able to purchase it with either 64, 128 or 256 GB of space. RAM wise, 3 GB would be available.

Apple is known to not place the best batteries in units. The 8 Plus has a small 2691 mAh one housed. Its battery would fully drain in around a day.

Something you should know about all mobiles is that their batteries gradually degrade. If you’re planning on using the 8 Plus for years, its tiny battery wouldn’t last hours.

You’ll be charging it via a 15 W fast charger. It would have to be placed inside of its USB 2.0 port. The iPhone goes from 0-100% in a little over an hour.

Are you a fan of wireless charging? Because it’s a feature you get. Facial recognition is not present, though.

iPhones have some of the best cameras around. We believe the set-up on the 8 Plus is magnificent, even though it was released years ago.

On its rear, dual sensors are present. They consist of a primary 12 MP wide lens, along with a secondary 12 MP telephoto lens. The set-up takes incredible pictures in both bright and low light.

Moreover, there’s a quad LED flash on its rear. You’re not getting an LED sensor on its front. But facial recognition will be present. Its selfie camera consists of a single 7 MP sensor.

Here’s what you came for:

iPhones cost an arm and a leg. The 8 Plus can be bought for around Rs.70,000 – 88,000 island-wide.

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