iPhone X Price In Sri Lanka - A Review And Much More

The iPhone is something all Sri Lankans would love to own, regardless of whether it’s an old or a new device. Although the IPhone X was released a few years back, it is still a sought-after phone. So, read ahead as we run through its specs.

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What Is The Current iPhone X Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 108000 to Rs. 186900

iPhone X Review


The iPhone X has a big screen, especially in comparison to its predecessors. The iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch screen while the X has one that is 5.8 inches. Their overall size, excluding their displays, is the same as the 8 which has larger bezels. The X’s screen is bigger than the 8 plus’ by 0.3 inches. This doesn’t mean the phone is bigger than the 8 plus though.

Not only does the X have a bigger screen, but it also has a better aspect ratio when compared to previous Apple devices.  It comes with a 19:9 ratio which makes it taller and wider than the 16:9 ratio of the 8, 8 Plus and all the previous iPhones.

Up until the X, Apple followed a very specific format. They had the home button on the bottom of the display with thick bezels surrounding it. The X broke this format as it didn’t have a home button, and came with an 82.9% screen to body ratio.

The phone is made predominantly of glass. This is reinforced with steel, so it’s very different from the older iPhones. This combination makes the phone retain fingerprints very easily. If we had to compare, we’d say it looks somewhat like the iPhone 3GS but is a newer and improved model.


The X is the first Apple phone to bring about the Notch. Unfortunately, not many people are a fan of it.

Although it can be annoying, it has a better screen to body ratio, so we can’t complain. The iPhone X has an incredible screen. It has a super retina display that comes with 458 pixels per inch. When compared to its predecessors, this gives it the crispest viewing experience.

The X is the first Apple phone to come with an OLED display. OLED displays are one of the best out there, so Apple made the right move.

The screen is incredibly responsive. It utilizes the Apple A11 Bionic Chip along with 3GB of RAM to let you move through the device with ease.

Apple iPhone X - Sri Lanka

Battery Life

The iPhone X comes with a 2716 mAh battery. Although it isn’t the smallest battery out there, it’s pretty small compared to other phones. Given the large screen of the iPhone X, the battery drains fast, especially since it’s OLED.

If you use the device for a while, you’d notice that it can last for about a day. With heavy use, expect 12-15 hours of battery life. 

The iPhone 8 was the first Apple phone to bring about wireless charging. You will see wireless charging in the X too. You can expect to go from 0-100% in about 2 hours.  Approximately, you get around 20% per 20- 25 mins.

If you aren’t satisfied with this speed, you can utilize the USB-C Lightning Cable. It can get you from 0-100% in half an hour. That being said, you’d have to buy the lightning cable as it doesn’t come with the device. And as you know, it’s quite expensive.


Apple is known for their amazing cameras. This is why you won’t be disappointed by the iPhone X’s.  It comes with two 12 MP rear cameras that have OIS and powerful autofocus features. One of them has an f/1.8 aperture while the other one is f/2.4. This allows the iPhone X to capture insanely detailed pictures in dim as well as lit environments.

Its front-facing 7 MP camera is great too. Its selfie camera has an amazing portrait mode, letting you take professional-looking shots.

Its Face ID is powered by the selfie camera. As the iPhone X has an amazing Face ID, it’s worth mentioning. It utilizes the phone’s TrueDepth Camera system. This includes an infrared camera, a flood illuminator and a dot projector to map your face out.


When the iPhone X first came out, it had IOS 11. IOS 11 which included group notifications, personalized Memojis, additional Animojis, Shortcuts for Siri, Group FaceTime, and Screen time reports.

Other than this:

The phone has a powerful engine. It comes with the A11 Bionic chip, coming with 3 GB of RAM.

The iPhone X fully supports IOS 13, which gave us our favorite feature: dark mode.

All in all, its performance is smooth and easy, so we don’t have any complaints. Its processor is powerful enough to handle some of the most extensive games on the market. The fact that its display is OLED helps with this. 

Are There Any Related Models?

The iPhone X is an amazing phone. Before you purchase it, you may want to check similar phones out.  Below, we’ll be running through some amazing alternatives you could get your hands on.

iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is very similar to the iPhone X. After all, they’re different versions of the same design. They both have the same battery life and come with a bionic chip. The only difference is that the XR has an A12 processor.

Its screen is much bigger than the iPhone X’s at 6.1 inches. That being said, it’s also OLED. Build-wise, the phones look strikingly similar.

iPhone XR - Sri Lanka

iPhone XS

Design-wise, it’s similar to the iPhone X.

It has an OLED screen that is similar in size to its counterpart’s. They both have 5.8-inch displays after all.

The XS comes with a more powerful chip as it has the A12 Bionic chip like the XR. Like the XR, the XS comes with the same Face ID but is faster. In terms of battery power, all three phones last around the same time. 

iPhone XS - Sri Lanka

One Plus 5T

The One Plus 5T was released in 2018 and is the only Android device that’s the most like the iPhone X. It comes with the SnapDragon 835 chip which is identical to the A11 Bionic chip.

One Plus 5T

Should You Buy The iPhone X?

The iPhone X is an amazing phone. It has a superb camera so it’s great for all Lankans that are aspiring photographers. It’s a powerful, easy-to-use device with a stunning display. This means it’s great for multimedia use. That being said, the battery isn’t the best, so it’s better off being used by someone who’s not always glued to their phones.  

All in all, the iPhone X is worth every penny, especially since it was the first iPhone to break the “iPhone” design Apple has been using for multiple years.

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