Nokia 105 Price in Sri Lanka: Here’s What You Should Know

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What Is The Current Nokia 105 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 3000
Nokia 105 - Sri Lanka

Nokia 105 Review

How much does the Nokia 105 cost? Not much. You’ll be able to purchase it for around Rs.3,000.

The 105 is a mobile that anyone who wants something simple would love. It’s not too thick for a non-smartphone either. Its dimensions are 107 mm x 44.8 mm x 14.3 mm.

It’s quite small. You’re looking at a device that has a 1.45 inch screen. Not only is it small, but it’s not heavy either. It weighs 70 grams.

No surprise, the Nokia 105 was made from plastic. The material is soft and the handset’s sides were curved well. You’ll be able to hold the phone easily.

You can pick the unit up in two colours. They are black or cyan. From the two, cyan is the best. It’s bright and will catch your eye from across the room.

Considering it’s a feature phone, you can’t do much other than answer calls and message others. This is why the panel on its front isn’t vibrant – you’re not going to be streaming content. The panel placed was regular TFT.

When it comes to newer smart phones, you’ll have to look really closely to notice any pixilation. With the 105, you don’t even have to look closely to notice pixels. Its screen resolution is just 128 x 128 p.

Mobiles like the Nokia 105 have serious bezel action going on. The handset is no different. Its screen-to-body ratio is 14.1%.

Moving through its insides would be a breeze.  The up, down, left and right buttons are in the center of its display. I have to say, they are super responsive. They’re also quite tactile which anyone would appreciate.

What features will you get? Other than the standard SMS and calling, a digital clock, calendar, calculator, built in games, expense manager, and FM radio would be present. There’s also a very bright flashlight on its rear.

Nokia has released useful information about the handset. The company has made it public how many contacts you can have. The max is 500 which means the sky would be the limit.

Many new smartphones don’t have headphone jacks. You don’t have to worry about this with the Nokia 105.

How long does the handset take to charge? It’ll go from 0-100% in well over three hours. You probably should charge it overnight.

The battery is 800 mAh. It’s pretty small, but as you can’t use the phone for extensive tasks, and its screen isn’t taxing, the battery won’t get drained. You can expect its battery to go from 100-0% in around a day.

You can remove its battery too. If something were to happen to, you’ll be able to replace it instead of buying a new phone. This makes the Nokia 105 a great investment as it’s not that expensive either.

Being a feature phone, it doesn’t come with a chipset. Of course, there is no Android either. I think the interface inside the unit is pretty good, though. Icons are easy-to-read.

It comes with 8 MB of ROM. If a microSD slot was present, this wouldn’t be an issue. Along with the storage, you’ll be getting 384 KB of RAM. It’s more than enough for its insides to not lag.

Just know that you won’t be able to download files, not because of the lack of storage but because the USB port only accepts its charger.

If you’re expecting a front or back camera, you’ll be disappointed. Even if they were present, the device doesn’t take great shots. You’d likely see grainy and far from colour accurate shots. It would be especially bad in dim settings.

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