Nokia 3310 Price in Sri Lanka – How Much Does It Cost?

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What Is The Current Nokia 3310 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 10000
Nokia 3310 - Sri Lanka

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Nokia 3310 Review

The 3310 is thick. Its dimensions are 115.6 mm x 51 mm x 12.8 mm. The thinner a phone is, the more premium it would feel.

You’re not looking at a heavy handset. It comes in at 85 grams. This makes carrying it around easier, which is especially true as it’s not big. Its display stretches 2.4 inches across.

Let’s talk about how it would feel in your hands. The unit’s back and frame are plastic. The plastic on it doesn’t feel super cheap, thankfully. Speaking of its build, Nokia phones are famous for being durable.

What colors can you pick it up in? The options available are Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy), and Grey (Matte). My favorite is the Warm Red – it catches the most attention.

Yes, its display is small. But is it too small to read? No. Nokia has stated what type of panel is on its display – TFT. The panel isn’t the most vibrant, but you can’t get upset about this as the 3310 is very affordable.

Outdoors, you’ll be able to crank the 3310’s brightness to combat glare. At certain viewing angles, its display can be hard to read, though.

For how small its screen is, its pixel resolution is not bad. It’s 240 x 320 p, so you won’t notice blurriness unless you look closely.

You might be planning on downloading all kinds of songs and files on it. Don’t worry, the Nokia comes with a microSD slot. Just know that you have to purchase the microSD card separately. The expandable storage is appreciated as the ROM the device comes with isn’t a lot – it’s 16 MB. Some smartphones these days have up to 526 gigs.

Along with the microSD slot, you’ll notice a 3.5 mm headphone jack on it too.

Like any basic phone, you can text, have phone books, access call records and utilize FM radio. The loudspeaker on the unit is also pretty decent. And 3310 can accept 2 sims instead of 1.

Do you have kids around? You’ll appreciate that the handset comes with games. It even has the iconic snake game.

What’s also great is that you’ll be able to connect the device to the internet. Just know that the only connections you can connect to are 2G.

As you can imagine, more advance features like GPS aren’t available. If it’s any consolation, the device comes with Bluetooth 3.0.

You’ll be charging its battery through regular charging and a micro-USB port. The Nokia takes well over 3 hours to fully charge - you’re advised to charge it when you go to bed.

The battery housed is 1,200 mAh. Similar to other phones like the Nokia 3310, you’ll be able to remove its battery to reboot it.

Let’s talk about its camera. There is no selfie camera – only a lens on its rear. It is a 2 MP sensor. The pictures won’t be anything to write home about. This is especially true in low-light – shots would be very blurry.

Is there a bright LED flash? The answer is yes. It doesn’t do much to help the unit take quality dim-lit shots though.

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