Nokia 7 Price in Sri Lanka – How Much Does the Handset Cost?

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1080x1920 pixels
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What Is The Current Nokia 7 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 22000
Nokia 7 - Sri Lanka

Nokia 7 Review

Here’s the deal, you won’t easily be able to purchase the Nokia 7 in Sri Lanka. If you do happen to find it, it would cost around Rs.22,000. Considering its price and features, I think it’s well worth it.

It was released in 2017, so it looks nothing like phones released these days - it’s small. Its screen stretches 5.2 inches across. If you have larger hands, holding it might be tough.

The device was made from premium materials, though. You’re getting a gorilla glass and aluminum build. However, the materials make its body slippery too. And the glass can collect a lot of fingerprints.

You might have dropped several phones into the pool before. Don’t fear, the Nokia 7 is IP54 Splash Proof.

I don’t think the 7’s sides are ergonomic. If you hold the handset for hours, your palms would feel sore. The unit doesn’t come in very exciting shades either. You can only pick it up in white and black variants. The 7 Plus is the more popular counterpart – it has accents all over its rear, which this sadly does not have. I think this was a missed opportunity.

Not a fan of thick phones? Neither am I. You’re looking at a device that stretches 141.2 mm x 71.5 mm x 7.9 mm across. Its sleek nature helps it feel more expensive. The mobile has some decent weight too – it’s 153 grams. If it was light, it would feel cheaper.

If you’re expecting a microSD slot, you won’t be disappointed. You’re also getting a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Is there a fingerprint sensor? Yes, there is one on its rear, and it’s pretty easy to reach.

Let’s talk about its display. As it’s small, you won’t be able to immerse in the content well. Moreover, the company placed an IPS LCD panel on its front. The panel doesn’t produce very vibrant colours.

The handset has some bezel action going on. Its screen-to-body ratio is 73.8%.

Considering its size, its screen resolution is pretty good. You’re met with a 1080 x 1920-pixel front. If you look closely, you won’t notice any blurriness.

Just like its rear, there is Gorilla Glass on its front.

Nokia placed the Snapdragon 630 in the unit. The processor is the definition of mid-range. The 7 comes with superb RAM, though. You can pick it up with either 4 or 6 GB of memory. The ample RAM makes apps load faster.

Out of the box, it runs Android 7.1.1. You can upgrade its insides to Android 9. Unfortunately, Android 10 and 11 updates won’t be available. The fact that Android 11 won’t be available is a bummer; it comes with a range of new security features.

The OS would be run via Stock Android. There are no heavy themes or bloatware. This helps with the speed.

You’ll be purchasing the budget device with 64 GBof space. There will be a microSD slot on it. You can expand its storage to almost double.

The unit has a decent sized 3,000 mAh battery. If its screen was larger, the 3,000 mAh battery wouldn’t cut it. But as it’s so small, you get ample battery life. Yes, it’s non-removable.

You’ll be charging via an 18 W fast charger. The charger would have to be placed inside its USB-C port.

Nokia is a company that excels with cameras. The Nokia 7 camera is a set-up that takes colour accurate shots. It even performs decently in low-light settings.

To be more specific, its rear set-up consists of a single 16 MP shooter along with dual LED flash. The flash is super powerful, illuminating a room.

Its front camera is also a single shooter. You’ll be met with a 5 MP sensor. It will take shots that would keep you Instagram-ready. No, an LED flash isn’t on its front.

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