Oppo A5 2020 Price in Sri Lanka – Should You Buy It?

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720x1600 pixels
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Snapdragon 665

What Is The Current Oppo A5 2020 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 45000
Oppo A5 2020 - Sri Lanka

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Oppo A5 2020 Review

Are you a fan of thin phones? They look and feel the most premium. Unfortunately, the handset is thick. Its dimensions are 163.6 mm x 75.4 mm x 9.1 mm.

I’m a fan of phones with weight – they feel well-built. The A5 doesn’t disappoint, as it’s 195 grams.

You’re looking at a device that rocks a plastic build. The plastic on it is glossy. You might think it was glass from far. Just know that the glossy effect causes fingerprints to collect. Know that although it’s called the A5 2020, it was released in 2019.

The handset would be comfortable in your hands. Look at its sides – they’re curved well. Some mobiles can make your palms sore after holding it for a while.

Did I mention how big its screen is? You’re looking at a phone with a 6.5 inch display. The device not only has a large screen, but it doesn’t have much bezel action going on either. Its screen-to-body ratio is 82.7%.

What colors can you pick it up in? Not that many, sadly. The only options available are black and white.

It can get bright outdoors. The A5 2020’s display reaches 480 typ nits. It’ll handle glare well.

I’m not a fan of its pixel resolution. For a device with such a large screen, 1600 x 720 pixels won’t result in a pin-sharp display.

Overall, its screen is more than decent. If you’re planning on watching a lot of movies, the Oppo device would be worth your time.

Oppo placed the Snapdragon 665 chip inside. The processor is a mid-ranger that can handle everyday tasks well. What also helps its insides be snappy is the RAM and ROM it comes with. You can purchase the A5 2020 with either 32,64 or 128 GB of space and 3 or 4 GB of RAM.

Its fingerprint sensor is also snappy. The manufacturer placed it on its rear. Considering the A5 2020 is not the most expensive, you shouldn’t be surprised that face-unlock is a feature you don’t get.

Although the mobile comes with impressive ROM options, you’ll be able to expand its storage. There is a microSD slot on its sides. There is also a 3.5 mm headphone jack which is great – newer phones these days have been coming without the port.

Here’s the deal:

It was released in 2019, so it runs Android 9 out of the box. You may be wondering if it can it be upgraded to Android 11. An Android 11 upgrade would be possible. The UI inside it is ColorOS. It’s very customizable.

The device has thick sides. You might expect a large battery as a result. There’s a 5000 mAh unit housed. The battery will fully drain in over a day. To get it to last longer, you can use its power saving modes.

As its back is plastic, you might be wondering whether you can remove its battery. Sadly, the answer is no.

A regular 10 W charger would have to be used. It would have to be placed inside of the device’s USB-C port. How long does the A5 take to charge? It takes well over 3 hours.

If you’re expecting reverse or wireless charging, you’ll love that the handset can reverse charge. This means that it’ll act as a power bank and charge others.

Oppo is a brand that hits or misses with their cameras. The front and back set-ups on the A5 2020 aren’t anything to write home about. You’re getting a quad set-up on its rear; it consists of a 12 MP wide lens, a secondary 8 MP ultrawide lens, a tertiary 2 MP depth sensor and a second 2 MP depth sensor. There’s a bright LED flash too.

On its front, a single 8 MP wide lens is present.

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