Google Pixel 3a Price in Sri Lanka – An ‘A’ for effort?

screen size
1080x2220 pixels
Phone Camera
12 MP
Snapdragon 670
3000 mAh

What Is The Current Google Pixel 3a Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 92000
Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a Review

The Pixel is fairly new. It was released in the middle of 2019.

It’s thin, and its dimensions are 151.3 mm x 70.1 mm x 8.2 mm. The 3a has also got some weight. It comes in at 147 grams.

The phone has the best of both worlds – it’s not too big or small. Its screen stretches 5.6 inches across.

It’s not built from the most premium materials, however. You’re looking at a plastic device. But the plastic it’s made from is good-quality.

You unfortunately can’t pick it up in many colours. There is a “Just Black, “Clearly White” and “Purple-ish”. The latter is our favourite. How often do you see phones rocking a lavender hue?

Looking across its sides, you won’t find a microSD slot. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack, though. A fingerprint sensor is on its back – the 3a unlocks in the blink of an eye. If you’re expecting face-unlock, get ready to be disappointed.

Let’s talk about its display. There is an OLED panel in place. If you’ve read our reviews before, you’d know that the colours produced would be vibrant and bright.

As its display isn’t small, you’ll be able to immerse in whatever you’re watching.

There’s not much bezel action going-on. But newer handsets come with screen-to-body ratios around 90% - it’s 75%.

Even if you look closely, you won’t see any pixilation. Its resolution is sharp at 1080 x 2220 pixels.

Don’t worry about damaging its display, it has an Asahi Dragontail Glass.

Out of the box, it runs Android 9. You can upgrade its systems to the latest Android 11.

Although it doesn’t come with a microSD slot, the ROM it comes with is superb. You’ll be picking it up with 64 GB of space. What about RAM? 4 GB of memory is available.

The Snapdragon 670 is inside. It’s a mid-range chipset.


Is it bad? Definitely not. Just don’t get too heavyhanded with it.

Since it’s so thin, it shouldn’t surprise you that it doesn’t have a large battery. A 3000 mAh one is inside. Even though the phone is plastic, you won’t be able to take its battery out.

You’ll be charging it via an 18 W fast charger. It would have to be plugged inside its USB-C port. Expect the Pixel 3a to go from 0-100% in an hour and a half.

If you’re expecting wireless or reverse charging, get ready to be disappointed.

Google’s Pixels are known for their good cameras. The 3a is no different. It has a single 12.2 MP wide sensor on its rear, which takes vibrant shots. It performs well in low-light. It can take excellent pictures in dark settings because of the powerful dual LED flash on its rear.

Its selfie camera consists of a single shooter as well; it is an 8 MP lens. No, an LED flash isn’t on its front.


How much will it cost you? You’ll be paying around Rs.92,000 for it islandwide. Considering its price and specs, we don’t think it’s worth the purchase.

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