Xiaomi Redmi 7 Price in Sri Lanka – A Mid-range Wonder?

screen size
720 x 1520 pixels
Phone Camera
12 MP
2/3/4 GB RAM
Snapdragon 632

What Is The Current Xiaomi Redmi 7 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 23000
Xiaomi Redmi 7 - Sri Lanka

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Review

How much does the Redmi 7 cost? You can pick it up for around Rs 23,000 island-wide.

It was released in the beginning of 2019. You won’t be picking an old phone up.

The device big and thin. Its screen stretches 6.26 inches across. If you have smaller hands, holding it might be an issue. It has an 8.5 mm width, so it’s relatively paper-like.

Being so affordable, it shouldn’t surprise you that it was made from plastic. We think the plastic on its rear doesn’t feel cheap. However, the device looks cheap thanks to the effect Xiaomi placed.

It’s got some good weight – I’m a fan of handsets that are heavy, as they feel well-built. It is 180 grams.

If you’re expecting expandable storage, you’ll love that it comes with a microSD slot. The Redmi 7 has a 3.5 mm headphone jack too.

There is a fingerprint sensor on it. It is on its rear and is easy to reach. The Redmi 7 also has buttons that are in easy to reach spots. Just know that they’re not the most tactile.

You can’t pick it up in many colours. The following are what is available: Lunar Red, Eclipse Black and Comet Blue. My favourite is the Eclipse Black. It doesn’t come with the effect on its back.

The device’s sides are curved well. Holding it for a while won’t leave your palms sore.

Let’s talk about its display. Xiaomi placed an IPS LCD panel. IPS LCDs don’t produce the most vibrant colours, which isn’t a surprise as the Redmi 7 is so affordable.

Remember that its display is big, so immersing in content would be easy. This is especially true as it comes with a good screen-to-body ratio – 81.5%.

Considering the size of its front, we don’t think its pixel resolution is ideal. You’ll easily notice blurriness. Its resolution is 720 x 1520 p.

Scruffing its front would be hard. There is strengthened Gorilla Glass 5 protecting it.

The chipset housed isn’t too bad. It is the Snapdragon 632. It was made for mid-rangers but can handle more extensive tasks. You can pick the Redmi 7 with 2, 3 or 4 GB of RAM. The 4 GB option would have the snappiest system.

With the 2 GB one, you might experience apps force-closing if there are many running in the background.

How much ROM are you getting? You can purchase the Redmi with 16, 32 or 64 GB of space. If you remember, it comes with a microSD slot. Know that you’ll have to purchase the microSD card separately.

I don’t advise you to purchase the 16 GB option, there would be too little ROM for you to do anything.

The device runs Android 9 out of the box. I’m happy to say that you can upgrade its systems to Android 11. The ability to update it to Android 11 is appreciated as it comes with many cool new features. The OS would be available through MIUI – Xiaomi’s proprietary UI. It’s quite customizable.

Battery-wise, a 4,000 mAh unit is inside it. Expect the handset to fully drain in around a day. You can extend its battery life with its expert battery saving modes. No, its battery is non-removable. Unfortunately, you’ll be charging it through a 10 W regular charger. The device would take well over 2 hours to reach 100%.

One of the reasons it charges so slowly is because of the port it has, it is micro-USB. The entry is considered dated these days.

Xiaomi produces cameras that are hits or misses. As the Redmi 7 is so affordable, it’s no surprise that its set-up isn’t the best. Its primary camera consists of a dual set-up. It houses a primary 12 MP lens along with a secondary 2 MP depth sensor.

The device does not take the best shots, especially in low-light.

Speaking of taking pictures in low-light, the unit has a bright LED sensor on its rear. It sadly doesn’t come with one on its selfie camera.

Its front set-up is a single 8 MP sensor. The photographs taken won’t leave you Instagram ready.

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