Samsung A10 Price In Sri Lanka - Just Another Budget Device?

Samsung is known for their budget-devices. Their range is extensive, which is why you’re interested in the A10. Its price tag is tempting, but is it worth your time? Let’s answer this below.

screen size
720x1520 pixels
Phone Camera
Exynos 7884

What Is The Current Samsung A10 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 17900 to Rs. 22900

The thing is, what type of warranty you get affects its final price. Company warranties are more expensive than store ones. The memory variant you get affects its final price as well.

Samsung A10 Review


It comes with a polycarbonate back that does little to hide its price tag. It doesn’t feel the most well-built either. If it’s any consolation, the phone has a nice sheen to it.

Its rear is pretty minimal. Phones these days have heavy gradients, so this is refreshing. When examining its rear, you’ll see no fingerprint sensor. It doesn’t come with one.

The heavier a phone is, the more expensive it feels. The A10 is no feather but it’s not hefty, it weighs 168 grams.

The A10 is 155.6 x 75.6 x 7.9 mm across. It’s large, rocking a 6.2-inch display. You wouldn’t expect a phone its price to be so thin, but Samsung decided to surprise us. It’s thinner than the more expensive Google Pixel 4.

We love phones with expandable storage. Samsung blessed the A10 with a microSD slot. If you’re wondering if they removed its headphone jack, the answer’s no. Brands usually do this with more premium devices.

So far so good, but what are the colours you can get the phone in? The device comes in 4 shades. These are gold, red, black, and blue. We think the red looks the best.


The A10’s screen is huge. It might be uncomfortable to hold if you have smaller hands. However, its large display provides an immersive viewing experience.

You get an IPS LCD screen, rocking a 720 x 1520-pixel screen resolution. 720 P displays aren’t the sharpest. As it comes with an LCD screen, colours aren’t that vivid either. None of this sounds great, but don’t forget that the A10 is very affordable.

Something we’re fond of is its screen to body ratio, however. The Samsung device doesn’t have that much bezel going on. It has an 81.6% screen to body ratio, after all.

Did we mention the glass on its front? It’s not gorilla glass, it’s regular strengthened glass. This means you have to be extra careful with it.

Samsung A10 - Sri Lanka.


Battery-wise, the A10 is not bad. Although it has a small 3400 mAh battery, it can last well over a day. Its screen isn’t the most powerful nor is its processor the most taxing.

If you’re wondering if it comes with USB-C capabilities, don’t hold your breath. The A10 comes with an archaic microUSB port. 

The phone doesn’t come with fast charging either. How long does it take to charge? Around 3 hours.

As it’s budget-friendly and comes with a plastic back, you may be wondering if its battery is removable. The answer’s no.


The A10 comes with a decent processor. The Exynos 7884 is inside, letting it run smoothly. Is it the smoothest processor on the market? Of course not. If you compare the A10 with more expensive phones, you’ll see a difference in speed.

Samsung gave the A10 some mediocre memory variants. You only get the phone with 32 gigs of space. With your purchase, you can choose from 2 or 4 GB of RAM. 32 gigs might not be enough for you, which is why its microSD slot is appreciated.

Out of the box, you’re getting Android 9. The phone can be upgraded to Android 10. That being said, users have reported that after the Android 10 update, the A10 has considerably gotten slow. This is a point to consider.

Samsung runs One UI 2.0 on the A10. It’s extremely customizable. It doesn’t come with much bloatware either.


By no means do you get an amazing camera. There’s a basic 13 MP rear sensor for you to play with. Shots aren’t that detailed and colours aren’t that accurate. When the lights go out, things get worse. There’s a lot of noise in low-light shots.

We often found it overexposing shots. Unless you’re a fan of blown-out highlights, the A10 is right up your alley.

Front camera wise, you’re getting a single 5 MP unit. It performs just as well as its rear camera.


Having wrapped everything up, it’s clear that the A10 is a standard budget-device. Let’s compare it with a couple of alternatives below.

Samsung M10

The M10 is a good-looking phone. It doesn’t feel the most well-built, though. It comes with a plastic rear that feels pretty cheap.  It’s not as hefty as the A10 either. You’re getting a 163-gram device.

The phone is big. It rocks a display as big as the A10’s. You’re not getting an IPS LCD screen, though. With your purchase, a PLS TFT panel is by your side. It sounds fancier for good reason, it’s sharper and brighter than a regular LCD.

Samsung M10 - Sri Lanka

In terms of its screen to body ratio, the M10 is very similar to its counterpart. This is true for its screen resolution as well. Their screens are pretty identical. You’re not getting Gorilla Glass on the front either, so watch your hands.

What about its insides? Well, you’re getting an Exynos chip. The Samsung device comes with the Exynos 7870 inside of it, which isn’t as powerful as the 7884 unfortunately. The device lags.

You get better memory variants at least. You can choose from 16 or 32 gigs of space along with 2 or 3 GBs of RAM. 16 gigs is way too basic, you’ll barely be able to use the device. If it’s any consolation, the phone’s storage can be expanded.

Did we mention what version of Android it runs? Out of the box, Android 8 is by your side. Sadly, the phone’s not receiving the Android 10 update.

Samsung’s not a fan of large batteries. You’re not getting anything too special with the M10. There’s a small 3400 mAh unit by your side. Similar to the A10, both phones can last over a day as their screens aren’t the most powerful.

If you’re expecting fast charging, don’t hold your breath. Get a good book, you’ll be waiting 3 hours for it to charge.

As the phone comes with a plastic rear and is cheap, you may be wondering if its battery is removable. Again, don’t hold your breath.

What isn’t unfortunate is the presence of a dual camera. Look at the M10’s rear, you’ll see a 13 MP primary sensor along with a 5 MP secondary depth sensor. Front camera-wise, things look identical. A 5 MP camera like the one we met in the A10 is seen again.

Xiaomi Redmi 8

The Redmi device is super glossy. It’s eye-catching, to say the least. In terms of what it’s made of, it comes with a plastic body. But as it’s so glossy, it’s, unfortunately, a major fingerprint magnet.

The phone’s no paperweight. It’s 20 grams heavier than its Samsung counterpart. It’s slightly larger too.

It also comes with an IPS LCD screen. So, colours aren’t that vivid. The two-share similar screen-to-body ratios and identical screen resolutions as well. What’s different is the fact that there’s Gorilla Glass 5 on its front. This makes the Redmi 8 more durable.

Xiaomi Redmi 8 - Sri Lanka

Out of the box, you’re getting Android 9. The phone will be getting the Android 10 update.

What kind of processor is the Redmi 8 powering? Well, a Snapdragon chipset. The phone comes with the Snapdragon 439, which is common in budget devices. It’s better than the Exynos 7884.

In terms of memory variants, you can choose from 32 or 64 gigs of space. We’re impressed.

Along with memory capacities, either 3 or 4 GB of RAM are by your side. 64 gigs should be enough for you but if it’s not, the phone’s storage can be expanded.

Battery-wise, you’re getting a beast of a unit. The Redmi 8 comes with a 5000 mAh battery, easily letting it last 2 days. With it, you get a fast charger too. The 18 W charger takes the phone around 2 hours to go from 0-100%.

If you’re wondering what kind of port you’ll be charging with, the phone comes with USB-C capabilities.

Like the M10, the Redmi 8 has a dual-camera set-up. There’s a 12 MP primary sensor along with a 2 MP secondary depth sensor. Front camera wise, things look good too. There’s an 8 MP selfie camera for you to play with.

Vivo Y91C

Looking for a phone with an eye-catching gradient? The Y91C is right up your alley. We’re especially fans of its blue variant, it looks icy. We’ve established that the phone looks good, but does it feel good? It isn’t the sturdiest. The device is lighter than the A10, coming in at 163.5 grams.

Once again, we’re met with a phone that’s as big as the Samsung device. Being so big, you’re promised an immersive viewing experience. Its display comes with less bezel too, having an 82.9% screen to body ratio. In terms of its sharpness, you’re met with a 720 P screen again.

Vivo Y91C - Sri Lanka

Yes, the Y91C comes with an IPS LCD screen. This means colours aren’t that bright.

Let’s move onto its processor. A Mediatek P22 chip is by your side. Compared to the A10’s 7884, it’s not as powerful. You’re getting more memory variants, though. You can choose from 16 and 32 gigs of space. Unfortunately, the phone doesn’t come with that much RAM, you get a measly 2 gigs.

The Vivo device comes with expandable storage. What do you think?

Out of the box, you’re getting Android 8. If you’re expecting Android 10, the update hasn’t happened yet. We have no idea if it ever will.  

A massive 4030 mAh battery is by your side. The Y91C runs laps around the A10, easily lasting 2 days. But what about fast charging? Face it, the phone’s cheap. You didn’t get it with the A10 and you don’t get it with the Y91C either.

Did we mention its camera yet? There’s a single set-up on its rear. Like the A10, you’re getting a 13 MP primary sensor. You’re met with a 5 MP sensor on the front as well.


For its price, the A10 does an adequate job. It’s not extraordinary, though. When compared to alternatives, it’s clear that the A10 isn’t the most impressive. If you’re thinking about buying the phone, maybe give them a try instead?

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