Samsung A7 Price in Sri Lanka – An Amazing Mid-Ranger

The Samsung A7 is a solid mid-ranger. It doesn’t disappoint, being everything you’d expect from a phone its price and more. Let’s talk about it below.

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What Is The Current Samsung A7 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 25000 to Rs. 30000

When the A7 first released, it was a mid-ranger on the higher-end of the price spectrum. It was available for around Rs 50,000.

However, being a fourth generation A series phone, it has been discontinued. So sadly, you will not be able to find a new A7 for purchase. However, you should be able to pick up a used phone that is in good condition for somewhere around this price.

Samsung A7 Review


The A7 is a relatively large phone. The device stretches 159.8 x 76.8 x 7.5 mms across, giving it a 6-inch display. If you have smaller hands, knowing that it’s so big may be an issue. If it’s any consolation, the phone has easy-to-reach buttons and ergonomic design.

The phone is a fingerprint magnet. This isn’t a surprise as it wears a glass back. Unfortunately, it does not have Gorilla Glass on its rear. It has a regular strengthened glass that we’re not that fond of.

How do you feel about heavy phones? The A7 has a bit of heft to it, but doesn’t boast of premium levels of weight. It’s only a 168-gram device.

Running through its sides, you’ll realize that there’s a button for its fingerprint sensor. It also has face-unlock, which is nice.

What’s also nice is the presence of a MicroSD slot. Being able to expand its storage is something we appreciate. We appreciate the availability of a headphone jack as well.

The phone comes in quite a few colours. Our favourite is the blue, it oozes royalty. You can get the device in black, gold, and pink as well. They’re all incredibly shiny.


With its large display, you’re promised an immersive viewing experience. The fact that the A7 comes with a Super AMOLED panel lets it pack a punch. Colours are vivid and blacks are deep.

The phone was on the higher-end of the mid-range spectrum when it first released, so it isn’t surprising that it comes with a 1080 P display. It boasts of a 1080 x 2220 pixel screen resolution, making its screen incredibly sharp.

In terms of its screen to body ratio, things don’t look that good. The A7 comes with quite a bit of bezel. It only has a 74.4% ratio. The bezels are mostly on the top and bottom of its display, which at least means there’s no notch to worry about.

Although there isn’t Gorilla Glass on its rear, the phone comes with the glass on its front. This ensures durability.

If you’re looking for an always-on display, the A7 won’t disappoint. It’ll always read you your notifications.

It’s bright too. It comes with a 578 maximum nit display. Displays that are over 500 nits are very bright, which the easily A7 is.

Samsung A7 - Sri Lanka.


The A7 delivers some decent battery life. With your purchase, a 3300 mAh battery is by your side. The phone lasts about a day. We have to say, its power-saving modes are impressive too.

Unfortunately, the device doesn’t come with a fast charge. What’s worse is that it doesn’t come with a USB-C port. An archaic micro-USB port is by your side. It takes the phone over 2 hours to fully charge.


You have the Exynos 7885 chip by your side. It keeps the phone running smoothly. It’s not the fastest processor out there, however. Gaming wise, things don’t look that bad.

Out of the box, you’re getting Android 8. Yes, the phone is getting the Android 10 update. We’d be surprised if it didn’t.

The memory variants you get are decent as well. You can choose from 64 or 128 gigs of space along with 4 or 6 GBs of RAM. Remember how we mentioned that it comes with a MicroSD slot? You can expand its storage if 64 gigs aren’t enough.

Its UI is extremely customizable. This is something we’ve seen in Samsung devices over and over again. It doesn’t come with too much bloatware either.


With your purchase, you’re getting a triple camera set up. The A7 comes with a 24 MP primary sensor, a secondary 8 MP ultrawide sensor, and a tertiary 5 MP depth sensor. In good light, you’ll be surprised by how well it performs.

Shots are bright, detailed, and vivid. We found that the camera’s UI really processed our pictures. This isn’t a bad thing as we didn’t have to touch things up.

We were impressed by its bokeh shots. The A7’s camera quickly and effectively blurred our background out.

But what about its front camera? Its 24 MP selfie camera is impressive. We’re fans of the many modes it comes with, but we feel like its beauty mode is a tad too strong. It can especially be harsh if you’re a Sri Lankan with darker skin.


If you’re thinking of making the purchase, everything we discussed should help you make a decision. To wrap things up, let’s compare the A7 with a couple of alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy A71

The A71 is much larger than the Samsung A7. It’s a 6.7-inch device, overshadowing its counterpart. Not only is it larger, but it’s also heavier. The A71 is a 179-gram phone after all.

Unlike its counterpart, you’re not getting a glass back. The phone comes with a plastic rear but still feels well built. We’re especially fond of its prism effect.

Samsung Galaxy A71 - Sri Lanka

Like the A7, you’re getting Gorilla Glass 3 on the front. Speaking of its display, you’re met with a Super AMOLED panel. This means colours are bright and in-your-face.

Both phones have 1080 P displays, but the A71 has a better screen resolution. It’s sharper at 1080 x 2400 pixels.

Not only is its screen sharper, it has less bezels too. You barely get a notch, which is why its screen-to-body ratio is 87.2%. So far, the A71 seems to offer a better viewing experience.

Unfortunately, its display isn’t as bright as the A7’s. It does well, but can’t beat its counterpart as it has a 515 maximum nit screen.

Enough about its outsides, let’s talk about what’s inside the device. Well, the phone comes with a Snapdragon chip. You’re met with the Snapdragon 730, which is much faster than the A7’s Exynos 7885. There’s a 5G variant of the A71 too, it rocks the powerhouse Exynos 980 chip.

You don’t have to wait for the Android 10 update. The device comes with it out of the box. You don’t have to worry about space as well.  The A71 offers variants with 128 GB of space. Along with this, you either get 6 or 8 GB of RAM. Its large RAM helps the A71 be so snappy. And yes, its storage can be expanded with a microSD card.

Battery wise, you’re getting a unit that’s larger by 700 mAh. This lets it last over a day. The phone comes with 25 W fast charging. As a result, the A71 takes a little over an hour to go from 0 -100%.

Let’s talk about its camera. You’re getting an impressive quad set-up on its rear. The primary sensor is 64 MPs. Front camera wise, you’re getting a single set-up. However, it’s larger than the A7’s. It’s 32 MP after all.

Oppo A9 (2020)

When compared to the Samsung A7, the A9 overshadows it. With your purchase, you’re getting a 6.5-inch device. It’s much heavier than the A7 too. It’s 195 grams, feeling great in your hands.

In terms of what the phone’s made from, it has a plastic body. It has somewhat of a gradient going on. It stretches horizontally, and to be honest, we don’t think it looks that good.

Oppo A9 (2020) - Sri Lanka

Like the A7 and A71, you’re getting Gorilla Glass 3 on your display. Speaking of displays, you’re probably wondering what kind of screen you’re getting. Well, the A9 has an IPS LCD screen. This means it’s not as colourful as the A7’s Super AMOLED display. It’s not as sharp either. The phone’s screen is 720 P.

If it’s any consolation, the device has a better screen-to-body ratio, coming in at 82.5%.

Let’s talk about how bright the phone is. Sadly, the A9 doesn’t out-do the A7. You’re getting a 480 maximum nit screen.

In terms of what powers the phone, you’re getting Android 9 out of the box. No Surprise, it can be upgraded to Android 10.

What about its processor? The Oppo A9 comes with the Snapdragon 665 chip. It’s an excellent chip and is more powerful than the A7’s Exynos 7885.

You’re getting some decent storage space as well. The phone comes with 128 gigs of space, with either 4 or 8 GBs of RAM. If you guessed that it comes with a MicroSD slot, you hit the nail on the head.

You’d also be right if you guessed that it comes with a large battery. The A9 has the largest battery we’ve reviewed so far, being 5000 mAh. You can easily last 2 days with it. Sharing is caring, which is why you can reverse charge your device. How cool is that?

What’s not cool is the time the phone takes to charge. It comes with a regular 10 W charger, taking it around 3 hours to go from 0-100%.

Camera-wise, things look good. The A9’s camera is impressive, being a quad set up. Its main sensor is 48 MPs. Its front camera is good too, coming in at 16 MPs.

Xiaomi Poco X2

The Poco X2 is extremely eye-catching. It looks nothing like the A7 and comes in more unique colours.

It has a glass body like its Samsung counterpart. However, there’s Gorilla Glass 5 on its rear, making it more durable. The glass is on its front too, which is what you want.

As it’s so well built, it’s not shocking that the phone’s heavy. It’s a 208-gram device, feeling premium in your hands. It’s large as well. It’s 6.67 inches,  towering over the Samsung A7.

Xiaomi Poco X2 - Sri Lanka

Let’s talk about its display. You’re getting an IPS LCD screen, which we’ve established is not as vivid as a Super AMOLED. However, the phone is more detailed than its Samsung counterpart. Its screen resolution is 1080 x 2400 pixels after all.

It comes with less bezel too, and there isn’t even a notch. You’re met with a punch-hole camera instead. You’re probably wondering what its screen-to-body ratio is, it’s an impressive 84.8%.

What’s more impressive is the fact that it can play HDR content. You’re getting an HDR10 device. Its screen is also very fluid. Scrolling through its display feels smooth as its 120HZ.

As the phone released in 2020, it’s not surprising that it comes with Android 10. In terms of the processor Android 10 powers, you’re getting a Snapdragon chip. The X2 has the betterSnapdragon 730G. It’s made for gaming, so have fun.

What about its memory variants? They’re superior. You can choose from 64, 128, and 256 GB of space along with 6 or 8 gigs of RAM. Like the rest, the X2 comes with a MicroSD slot.

Its battery is large. It’s 4500 mAh and can last a day. Unike the A7, the X2 comes with fast charging capabilities. The phone’s 27 W charger lets it fully charge in over an hour. We’re very pleased.

Camera-wise, we’re impressed as well. You don’t get a triple set up but a quad one. The primary sensor is 64 MPs, capturing a lot of detail. Its front camera is not a single-set up. You’re getting a dual one that’s a 20 MP sensor along with a secondary 2 MP depth sensor.


The Samsung A7 is a good phone. However, when compared to alternatives, they seem to out-do it. This is especially true for the Pocophone X2. It leaves the A7 in the dust, but this was expected as it’s newer and more expensive.

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