Samsung S20 Price in Sri Lanka – ‘S’ for Superstar?

The S20 is a flagship everyone’s talking about. You won’t just be able to flex with it – it offers some killer specs. We talked all about it and more below.

screen size
1440x3200 pixels
Phone Camera
Exynos 990

What Is The Current Samsung S20 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 125000 to Rs. 135000

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Samsung S20 Review


Not only does it come jam-packed with features, but it’s good-looking too. You’re getting an ultra-chic glass and aluminum build. The glass on it is Gorilla Glass 6. It’s hard to scratch.

Being a glass and metal sandwich, it shouldn’t surprise you that the S20 is slippery. It’s almost like it has a death wish. Its rear also means that it’ll collect fingerprints.

Is it ergonomic? Certainly so. Just look at its sides – they’re curved well.

You can pick it up in several colors. The following are the choices:

  • Cosmic Grey
  • Cloud Blue
  • Cloud Pink
  • Cloud White
  • Aura Red

From the options available, Cloud Blue and Pink are our favorites. How often do you see powder hue devices?

The flagship is huge. Manufacturers are all about making handsets large and in-charge these days. Its screen stretches 6.2 inches across.

Its body is super thin – this is the hallmark of a more expensive device. Its dimensions are as follows, 151.7 mm x 69.1 mm x 7.9 mm.

Although it’s large, one-handed use is easy. Samsung placed its buttons in all the right spots.

They’re tactile as well. We love the resistance they offer.

Speaking of buttons:

You’re not getting a sole one dedicated to Bixby. You can now long-press its power button to work the virtual assistant.

Like most pricey units, its fingerprint sensor isn’t on its back. You’re getting it on its display.

It’s very responsive. You’re also met with face-unlock.

Unfortunately, you’re not getting a 3.5 mm headphone jack. Samsung’s been removing the port from more expensive phones. There is a MicroSD slot, though. This is appreciated considering it already comes with impressive storage options.


As its screen is so huge, its viewing experience is immersive. This is especially true as you’re getting an Infinity-O display. There are no bezels on it. Its impressive screen-to-body ratio is a testament to this. It is 89.5%.

What’s the panel on its screen? Samsung’s favorite Dynamic AMOLED. The ‘Dynamic’ on it isn’t just for show – it’s incredibly vibrant. Along with the Infinity display, your viewing experience is made immaculate.

The fact that it’s pin-sharp helps. Its screen resolution is 1440 x 3200 pixels.

The device’s animations are buttery. This is thanks to its impressive 120 Hz refresh rate.

You can play HDR content. The S20 is HDR10+ rated. The phone will produce a range of colors.

What’s the glass on its front? It’s Gorilla Glass 6. As you’re aware, you don’t have to worry about scratching it.

If you’re a notch hater, the cherry on top is the absence of a notch. There’s a pin-hole instead.

Samsung S20 - Sri Lanka


So, the battery on it isn’t very big. It’s only 4000 mAh. Considering that its display is powerful, it gets taxed easily. You can expect the flagship to last a little over a day.

Thankfully, there are many power-saving modes to play with.

To charge it, you’ll be making use of a USB-C port. You’ll be plugging a 25 W fast charger into it. The phone takes around an hour to go from 0-100%.

You can use it as a power bank. It offers 4.5 W reverse wireless charging. It offers Fast 15 W regular wireless charging as well.


The chipset inside is impressive. The Exynos 990 is by your side. It’s super beastly and you’ll be able to handle the most extensive games.

The US variant of the handset doesn’t come with the processor. You’ll be met with the Snapdragon 865. Compared to its Exynos counterpart, it’s superior.

As mentioned, its storage options are good. You can pick the device up with 128 GB of space and 8 GB of RAM. The 8 GB RAM contributes to it being so snappy. You’ll never have to worry about force-closing.

Out of the box, it runs Android 10.  This isn’t a surprise considering you’re looking at a flagship from this year. The OS is super customizable and good-looking. We’re fans of the UI available too. It’s Samsung’s One UI. 2.5.


There’s a triple set-up on its rear. Its primary sensor is a 12 MP wide lens, its secondary sensor is a 64 MP telephoto lens, and its tertiary sensor is a 12 MP ultra-wide lens. They take really good shots. They’re color accurate yet still pack a punch.

We love the telephoto lens. They let you expertly take shoot objects in the distance.

What about its selfie camera? It is a single-shooter and has a 10 MP wide lens.


Now that we ran through everything you need to know about the device, let’s compare it with alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Unlike the S20, the Note 10 was released in 2019. It’s in the same price range, though.

It was built from Gorilla Glass 6 and aluminum. This means it feels like a million bucks. However, it’s super slippery.

The Note is less ergonomic than the S20 and its edges are sharp.

You could say it looks better than its rival. There’s a pearl-like effect on its rear. In the right lighting, it glistens.

It’s a big phone. Its screen stretches 6.3 inches across.  Its dimensions are good too. They are as follows, 151 x 71.8 x 7.9 mm.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite - Sri Lanka

What’s the panel on its front? Dynamic AMOLED.  This means that colors pop. The handset produces a range of colors as well. It is HDR10+ rated.

You don’t have to worry about scratching its front. There’s the durable Gorilla Glass 6 present.

Its display is larger than its counterparts’. That being said, you’re not getting as impressive a screen resolution. Its screen is 1080 x 2280 pixels. It’s still pin-sharp, though. Just not as much as the S20.

Its screen-to-body ratio is really good. It’s a whopping 90.9%. There’s no bezel action going on.

Out of the box, Android 9 is running. Thankfully, you can upgrade its systems to Android 10.

It makes use of the same UI as its alternative.

What about its chipset? It is the Exynos 9825. It doesn’t do as well as the 990.

The storage available is impressive. You can pick the Note 10 up with 256 GB of space and 8 GB of RAM. As 256 GB ROM is a lot, you might not be bothered by the absence of a microSD slot.

You’re not getting the largest battery. It is 3500 mAh. As its display is so powerful, don’t expect it to last long with heavy use. It’ll fully drain in around a day. You’ll be making use of a USB-C port. You’ll be plugging a 25 W fast charger into it. It’ll go from 0-100% in around an hour.

If you’re a fan of wireless charging, know that it supports 12 W wireless charging. You can make use of 4.5 W reverse charging as well.

In the camera department:

There is a triple set-up on its rear. You’ll be met with a 12 MP wide lens, a 12 MP telephoto lens, and a 16 MP ultra-wide shooter. In terms of its selfie cam, a 10 MP wide lens is present.

Of course, how could we not talk about its S-pen? It’s highly ergonomic. Being a Note device, the handset automatically has an edge over the S20. You can cut, copy, scribble, and do so much with its stylus.

iPhone SE (2020)

The phone isn’t very big. Its screen stretches 4.7 inches across. Its back is made from glass and aluminum. It comes in an exciting red option – it’s our favorite.

As its name suggests, it was modeled after the SE from 4 years ago. It certainly doesn’t look very modern. Was this a bad choice? We don’t know.

As its screen is small, you also won’t get a very immersive viewing experience.

Its panel in an IPS LCD. However, it’s Apple’s Super Retina. This means color production is really good. Its display can get bright as well. It can produce up to 625 max nits. Over 500 is the gold standard, which it’s well above.

iPhone SE 2020 - Sri Lanka

You’re met with some serious bezel action, though. Its top and bottom bezel are especially thick. Apple mentions what its screen-to-body ratio is like, it’s 65.4%.

If it’s any consolation, your viewing experience will be sharp. You’re getting 750 x 1334 pixels. Considering its display is so small, its resolution makes it as sharp as a pin.

You’re going to have a hard time scratching its front. It’s ion strengthened. Apple’s known to place some of the hardest glass around and there’s also an oleophobic layer on it. If you’re a fan of eating while watching movies, you don’t have to worry about getting its display oily.

It runs iOS 13 out of the box. You can upgrade it to the newest IOS 14. Apple’s been scrutinized for not making their OS customizable. They did their best to fix things with the newest update.

What’s the processor present? It is the A13 Bionic chip. Compared to the Exynos on its Samsung counterpart, it out beats it. The company’s bionic processors are forces to be reckoned with.

No, there is no microSD slot. Apple’s known to not include them in units. You can pick the SE up with 64, 128, or 256 GB of space. RAM wise, 3 GB are available. As it has much less RAM than the S20, working with many apps at once won’t be as fun.

iPhones are known to have small batteries. The handset is no exception. It comes with an 1821 mAh unit. It’ll barely last a day. To charge it, you’ll be making use of the manufacturer’s famous lightning cable. It’ll take around an hour to go from 0-100%.

If you’re a fan of wireless charging, know that it comes with this capability.

There’s a single shooter on its rear. It is a 12 MP wide lens. On its front, a single shooter is also present. It is a 7 MP lens.

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G

Like its counterpart, it’s made from glass and aluminum. The glass on its rear isn’t Gorilla Glass, but it’s still very tough. On its front, Gorilla Glass 5 is present.

The Mi 10 is enormous. Even if you have large hands, using it might be difficult. Its screen stretches 6.67 inches across. It’s thin. But it’s not as skinny as its alternative. The following are its dimensions, 162.5 x 74.8 x 9 mm.

The panel on its display is Super AMOLED. It packs a punch. That being said, it doesn’t hold a torch to its Dynamic AMOLED counterpart. It’s buttery but falls short once again. You’re getting a 90 Hz refresh rate instead of a 120 HZ one.

If it’s any consolation, there’s an HDR10+ rating. The handset’s screen produces 500 max nits too.

We’re pleased with its screen-to-body ratio. You’re barely getting any bezels and it is a whopping 89.8%.

Xiaomi Mi 10 5G - Sri Lanka

Out of the box, it runs Android 10. The chipset that’ll power it would be the Snapdragon 865. It’s beastly.  Now, how does it do compare to the Exynos 990? Not good, sadly. If you remember, the US variant of the S20 also came with the Snapdragon processor.

Considering how its display is large, we aren’t fond of its resolution. It’s less than the S20’s, being 1080x 2340 pixels.

Did we mention the storage available? You can pick the Mi 10 5G up with 128 and 256 GB ROM, along with 8 and 12 GB of RAM. The 12 GB RAM available runs laps around the Samsung device.

Can you expand its storage? The answer is no. The S20 lets you do so, so it has an edge it has over it.

Its battery is larger and it rocks a 4780 mAh unit. The Xiaomi device can last well over a day. There are many power-saving modes to play with, making it last longer. To charge it, you’ll be making use of 30 W fast charging. The phone would take an hour to go from 0-100%. You’ll be plugging its charger into its USB-C port.

You’ll be able to make use of wireless and reverse charging. It offers 30 W wireless and 5 W reverse charging.

Last but not least:

There is a quad-camera set-up on its rear. Its primary lens is a 108 MP wide sensor, its secondary lens is a 13 MP ultrawide sensor, its tertiary lens is a 2 MP macro sensor and its fourth lens is a 2 MP depth sensor.

In terms of its front camera, a single shooter is present. It is a 20 MP wide lens. Its front camera keeps you Instagram ready.

Final Thoughts

The Samsung S20 is a flagship that’s worth your money. Not only does it look good, but it comes with specs that pack a punch. It’s an Android phone that everyone knows about. Why wouldn’t you want to flex with it?

Compared to its alternatives, the call was tough. The Note 10 gave it a run for its money. At the end of the day, the company is a brand that knows what they’re doing and always make great handsets.

If you’d like a look at more Samsung units, do check our Facebook out! We regularly post about them.

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