Rundown of Samsung Phone Price in Sri Lanka for Non-Tech People

Galaxies, Notes and alphabet letters. Samsung phone price in Sri Lanka can vary greatly depending on what you are buying.

How does one make sense of all this?

Not to worry; we are here to simplify this mess.

Read below for a detailed overview of Samsung phone models by price. It will help you pick the best Samsung phone to match your budget. 

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G
68400- 82800
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
81000- 95400
Samsung Galaxy A73 5G
99000- 115200
Samsung Galaxy S22 5G
Samsung Galaxy A23
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G
147000- 172500
Samsung Galaxy A03s
30500- 43000
Samsung Galaxy A13
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy M52 5G
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
95500- 102000
Samsung Galaxy A03
36900- 40000
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
52500- 78900
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
72950- 84900
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G
200000- 255150
Samsung Galaxy A22
Samsung Galaxy A72
85950- 120000
Samsung Galaxy A52
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
52850- 70000
Samsung Galaxy A32
52850- 70000
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
277900- 299950
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1
Samsung J7 Max
Samsung J7 Nxt
Samsung Grand Prime
Samsung A6
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung S20 Ultra
Samsung J3
Samsung A12
35700- 42900
Samsung Note 5
Samsung J8
J7 Pro
Samsung Galaxy J5
Samsung S6 Edge
Samsung J2 Prime
Samsung J7 Prime
Samsung S Series
Samsung J2
Samsung A30s
Samsung Galaxy A20s
Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung S6
Samsung Galaxy M40
55000- 60000
Samsung S9 Plus
90000- 120000
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Note 20
155000- 180000
Samsung S20
125000- 135000
Samsung Galaxy M30s
Samsung A60
Samsung A10s
20000- 25000
Samsung A40
40000- 45000
Samsung S10e
100000- 110000
Samsung A80
85000- 120000
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
119000- 265000
Samsung S10
107000- 148000
Samsung S9
Samsung Note 9
Samsung A10
17900- 22900
Samsung Note 10
135000- 180000
Samsung A9
Samsung Note 8
89000- 100000
Samsung A8
25000- 30000
Samsung J4 Plus
Samsung A7
25000- 30000
Samsung J6
Samsung J7 (2018)
10000- 15000
Samsung S7
Samsung M30
35000- 60000
Samsung A20
26000- 30000
Samsung M20
27500- 40000
Samsung A30
29000- 37000
Samsung Tab
140000- 160000
Samsung A70
61500- 75000
Samsung A50
40000- 50000
Samsung M10
18000- 30000
Samsung Galaxy S8
57000- 82000

Best Budget Samsung Phone in Sri Lanka (Under Rs. 20,000)

Under Rs. 5,000

Samsung Guru Music 2

Samsung Guru Music 2 - Sri Lanka

The Guru Music 2 is probably the best cheapest Samsung phone you can buy. It looks like it’s from the nineties. Vintage looks aside, this phone has all the functions you would want in a non-smartphone.

Most phones you find in the “budget” range have small screens. Not the Guru. It comes with a large colour screen.

The screen is very vibrant. It’s definitely better than what one might expect from a cheap phone.

This phone also has a feature most Sri Lankans absolutely need:

It’s dual SIM.

The display shows things like date and time. It comes with essentially all the basics like alarms, FM radio, and several games.

Here’s the feature that makes this phone really worth the money:

  • It packs a whopping 16GB of memory. You know, just like the base model of the iPhone SE.
  • You can store up to 3,000 mp3 format songs on this little brick phone. Plus, thousands of contacts.
  • It doesn’t stop there. Memory is expandable so you can add even more storage manually.
  • Thanks to high capacity, this phone can double as a portable budget music player. Hence the name.
  • The Guru has rather loud speakers too. You can always plug in a headset for private listening.

The Guru may not pack any fancy features. But overall, it offers excellent value for the money.

Here are some other good Samsung phone models you can find in this price range:

  • SM-B310
  • Keystone 2 Duos [Gt-E1207Y]
  • Keystone 3 SM-B110E
  • SAMSUNG B110
  • Samsung Piton
  • B310E
  • Piton SM-B310E
  • B110E
  • B110
  • B310 Dual SIM
  • SM B310E
  • Duos Mobile Phone FM Plus

We checked and compared all these models. All offer similar functions as the Guru Music 2. However, the Guru won thanks to the larger, vibrant screen, loud speakers, and excellent storage capacity. That doesn’t mean the others are bad by any means. Feel free to check them out as well when you are shopping.

From Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000

Samsung SM-B310

Samsung SM-B310 - Sri Lanka

If you want a Samsung phone that isn’t dirt cheap but doesn’t cost over 10k, then there’s really only one choice.

The Samsung SM-B310 was originally released in 2014. It’s been super popular among users ever since.

In case you are wondering, is this a music player too?

Not exactly. The phone has FM radio and can record FM audio.

However, you can kind of use it as a music player. You can expand the phone memory to whopping 16GB. Use an external SD card to store your mp3s. Now you can convert this Samsung into a budget iPod.

The cool features don’t stop there. The phone is dual SIM. The battery is big enough to allow for talk time up to 11 hours.

It has rather unique features you don’t usually find in similarly priced phones. Example: voice memos.

Yes, you can record voice memos on this. Also, typing is easy thanks to predictive text support.

On top of all these, you can buy this phone in colours other than boring black. It’s available in white and blue for the fashion forward.

From Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000

Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung Galaxy A10 - Sri Lanka

The A10 was launched in February, 2019. So you are bound to get a smartphone with a new model and updated specs.

Fair warning; the A10 doesn’t come with the same fancy features like the pricier Galaxy phones. But this might be a great pick for people who are on a budget or just want something simple yet useful.

The A10 is built entirely out of plastic. That makes the phone cheap and also lightweight. Despite that, the build quality is quite good. From the outside, it doesn’t look like a plastic phone.

It comes with a touchscreen display. It’s not just any touchscreen though. This phone has what Samsung calls “adaptive display.”

That means the phone can automatically adjust brightness to match your surroundings. Thanks to this, you will be able to always rely on a bright display, but without draining the battery. 

The screen isn’t high-res, but is very vibrant and displays colours really well.

This smartphone has two SIMs and two cameras. The front camera is 8MP and nothing to write home about. The rear camera is 13MP and has flash. Selfie lovers take note.

Here’s another neat feature:

The phone comes with 32GB of internal storage. Plenty to store hundreds of photos and dozens of apps. You can expand storage up to 1TB with a microSD card.

With a 3,400 mAH battery, you should be able to keep this smartphone running 8 to 9 hours a day. All in all, this budget smartphone really delivers.

Other Samsung smartphones worth considering in this price range:

  • J2 PRO (2018)
  • A2 CORE
  • J2 Core
  • J2 Prime
  • A10e
  • A10
  • J4

We compared the above phones with the one reviewed. The J4, also recently released, is a close contender to the A10. But we think the A10 delivers much better value overall.

The rest are by no means bad. Just that the A10 has somewhat better specs. But you may prefer something else on the list.  

Best Mid-Range Samsung Phone in Sri Lanka(Rs. 20,001 - Rs. 50,000)

From Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000

Samsung Galaxy M20

Samsung Galaxy M20 - Sri Lanka

Want a high performance smartphone to play mobile games, but don’t have the money? The Galaxy M20 might be your best bet.

The M20 was designed with mobile games in mind. In particular, the super popular PUBG online. Samsung has stated that this phone is specially optimized for that game.

This smartphone is powered by Samsung’s latest processor that you usually find in pricier Galaxies. The M20 comes with Android Oreo right out of the box. But you can update it to Android Pie.

Processing power doesn’t say much if the phone has a crappy display. The M20, by the way, has a great display.

It has a type of HD display Samsung calls “Infinity-V display”. You will get a massive resolution 1080x2340.

In other words, the screen looks superb given the price. You can play games in high-res and also enjoy watching HD video.

It all may sound too good to be true. This phone does have some flaws however. Here they are:

The screen looks great, the casing not so much. The M20 has a cheap looking plastic back that screams “budget.”

Though unappealing, the casing is quite sturdy. It holds well with everyday use.

The camera are quite average too. That is, the photos do look good under bright lighting conditions. The picture quality is not that great under low light conditions.

These are acceptable tradeoffs when you consider the colossal battery. The M20 comes with a huge 5,000 mAh battery. Even with heavy use, it can last through an office day.

The Galaxy M20 is not just a great budget smartphone. It’s a great smartphone overall.

Here are all the other models we reviewed for this price range:

  • A20S
  • A10S
  • M10
  • J4+
  • Galaxy J8
  • Galaxy J6
  • M10s
  • J4 core
  • J7 duo
  • J7 pro

The A20S and M10s definitely game M20 a good run for its money. All three phones compare well. The rest don’t match up in terms of pure performance, but delivers good specs overall.

From Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000

Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 - Sri Lanka

The A50 is a mid-range smartphone offering by Samsung that offers high-end features without destroying your bank account.

Let’s get down to the best part of the smartphone: the display.

The A50 features and excellent AMOLED screen. If you don’t know what that is, AMOLED screens offer high colour accuracy, high contrast, and a touchscreen surface. All in all, you can enjoy better graphical clarity.

The A50 has an edge-to-edge display without any bezels. The result is a very premium looking screen.

The casing is also high-end. The back of the panel is shiny and glassy. It’s not made from actual glass like pricy phones, but the plastic nevertheless looks like it.

And it has one more feature you usually only find in very expensive smartphones:

A fingerprint scanner. In fact, this is the only mid-range Samsung phone to offer this feature.

The smartphone delivers performance-wise as well. You can easily do day-to-day activities like checking email or WhatsApping.

You can even play games like PUBG on moderate settings. On high settings, some games may lag.

The smartphone comes with a night mode, like on iPhones. The dark theme is quite stunning paired with the AMOLED screen.

The cameras are pretty average. However, the phone comes with a massive 5,000mAh battery that can definitely last through a busy day. The A50 is as perfect as it gets for this price range.

Here are all the other Samsungs we reviewed before choosing the A50 as our mid-range pick:

  • A6+ (2018)
  • A30
  • A6 (2018)
  • J6 PLUS
  • J7 Max
  • A30s
  • A20e
  • A40
  • J3
  • J7 prime 2
  • J7

The A30, A30s, and the J7 Prime 2 are close contenders to the A50. You can check those out as alternatives to our pick.

From Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50,000

Samsung Galaxy M30s

Samsung M30s - Sri Lanka

The M30s is currently the best mid-range smartphone Samsung offers. It sports a design and display on par with pricier phones.

The best features of this smartphone are easy to spot. We noticed the Super AMOLED display right away. The seamless Infinity-U screen is paired with HD+ graphics.

This would probably be a great smartphone if you are a heavy multimedia user. Watching videos with this screen is just amazing.

There’s more:

The performance of this smartphone definitely compared well with high-end versions. The M30s has a snappy processor that can pay games really well.

Attention gamers:

The M20 can play PUBG Mobile on high settings at 30fps. That should give you a good idea of how powerful this smartphone is.

Then there’s the battery. With a capacity of mind-boggling 6,000mAH, this smartphone has one of the biggest batteries we’ve seen so far.

You definitely need a battery this big to power the AMOLED screen and deliver solid gaming performance. Even with heavy use, the battery should last through a work day. It adds some weight to the smartphone, but that’s a really fair tradeoff.

There are some not-so-great features as well. Mainly, the camera. It’s 48p but lacks colour accuracy. It could definitely be better. Otherwise, the M30s is quite great all around.

Here are the other Samsung phone we reviewed for this price range:

  • A50s
  • A6s
  • M30
  • M40
  • A40s

Competing with the M30s isn’t easy but all of these compared really well. The A50s, in particular, came quite close to being our pick.

Best Premium Value Samsung Phones in Sri Lanka (Rs. 50,001 - Rs. 150,000)

From Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000

Samsung Galaxy A70s

Samsung Galaxy A70s - Sri Lanka

The A70s is an updated version of the A50s for the upper mid-tier market. It has all the stuff we like about Samsung smartphones, though some features are toned down to keep the price low.

The A70 is quite a sight to behold. It has a beautiful casing available in multiple colours, a glass-like back, three cameras, and Samsung’s proprietary AMOLED Infinity+ display.

Unlike the cheaper versions, the A70 has a bigger screen that can support 20:9 aspect ratio. Still, the overall build is slim and is not at all bulky.

The smartphone was released in September, 2019, so all the specs are new. It supports Android Pie with a late-gen processor.

There’s plenty of storage too. You can buy this with 128GB of internal storage.

Performance wise, the A70s is on par with M30s. You can load apps and play games well. It’s fast, but could have been much faster given the higher price.

The smartphone comes with a 64MP camera that kind of feels overkill. This is great news for amateur photographers. You can definitely snap photos in great detail.

What this smartphone lacks is a good battery. It comes with a 4,800 mAH battery, which is big enough to last around 8 hours. But given the phone’s size, the battery should have been bigger. It looks like Samsung cut down on battery size to keep the build thin.

We reviewed the A70s alongside these other Samsung smartphones:

  • A8 PLUS (2018)
  • A70
  • A60
  • A7
  • A8 duos / A8
  • A9 (2018)

The A8 PLUS (2018) and the  A9 (2018)are good alternatives to the A70s. You might want to check out the other smartphones too to get the best for your money. 

From Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 100,000

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - Sri Lanka

This is the entry price range for high-end phones. The best Samsung to spend your savings on at this point is the Note 9.

The Note 9 comes with a number of premiere specs that’s really worth spending money on. It’s got a massive battery, a drool-worthy display, and a high-end cooling system. Plus, of course, the S pen.

The Note 9 is great for two things:

  • Productivity and entertainment.
  • The big AMOLED screen is great for watching movies. The larger size also makes it easier to read documents.

When you pair the S pen stylus, the Note 9 is very much a rudimentary computer in your hands. Oh, there’s a cool new feature for the Note 9 stylus you might not want to miss:

Bluetooth. The S pen now connects via Bluetooth so you can essentially use it as a remote controller.

Samsung didn’t hold back with the camera on this phone. The camera comes with a bunch of improvements over previous versions. Namely, now it works much better in low-light conditions.

Unlike the A70s, this big smartphone comes with a beefy battery. It can last throughout the day with moderate use. It’s also fast charging.

The only downside is that the Note 9 has already given way to the Note 10. Some of you might want to consider upgrading to the 10. But if you are strapped for cash, Note 9 is still an excellent deal.

Here are several other Samsung smartphones with premiere features:

  • A80
  • S9 +
  • S10E
  • S9
  • A8s
  • A8 Star

The updated A80 and the improved A8 Star are great alternatives to the Note 9. You won’t be disappointed by specs in any of these devices.

From Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 150,000

Samsung Galaxy S10 PLUS

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Price in Sri Lanka

The Galaxy S10 line is Samsung’s latest in premier smartphones. The Plus version includes all the new features and offers the best value for your money.

Samsung introduced the S10 Plus as an “everything” phone in 2019. The model’s packs excellent features alike for gamers, workers, and the camera obsessed.

The most notable feature of the S10 Plus is its massive screen. It has no surrounding bezels and compared really well even to the iPhone XR’s screen.

The display has a nifty feature we loved:

The pixels drop over the curved edges over the screen. That’s the true definition of an “infinity” display.

The display is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Anything you do on the phone is guaranteed to look fabulous.

The S10 Plus comes with a five-camera arrangement. It’s the first of its kind for Samsung phones.

The smartphone can take ultra-wide photos that dual camera phones usually aren’t capable of.You get a bunch of new lens to take photos similar to a DSLR camera. If you want a camera phone, this would be a great pick.

The hardware if top-notch as expected. The phone has a super fast ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

Everything is powered by one of Samsung’s latest processors. App functions, games, and everything is super fast. There’s no lag or waiting time. In fact, the S10 Plus is one of the fastest Android phone around.

Powering all this is a sizeable battery. The battery can last an astonishing 12 hours and a half with regular use.

The smartphone charges wirelessly. Not only that, it can even charge other gadgets wirelessly.

What’s not to like? The S10 Plus has just about everything you’d want in a premiere smartphone.

We reviewed this smartphone by comparing it to these:

  • Note 10
  • S10
  • A90 5G (coming soon)

All are great, of course, but the S10 Plus has slightly more features. Still, some of you might want to wait for the S90 5G that’s bound to have even better specs.

Over Rs. 150,000

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ - Sri Lanka

The absolute best (and the priciest) Samsung phone you can buy is the Note 10+. This is the brand’s flagship phone.

The Note 10+ competes directly with the iPhone 11. Yes, it’s flashy, it’s fast, and definitely worth selling a kidney for.

Here are the distinguishing features of the Note 10+:

The smartphone comes with a colossal screen and a breathtaking back case. The screen is so colour accurate and clear, it can even rival an HDTV. Yes, watching movies was better on the Note 10+ than on our TVs.

The eye-catching effects don’t stop there. The back case has this feature called “aura glow.” The colour changes like a rainbow depending on available light. The sight is nothing short of breathtaking. The metallic case smudges a lot, though.

The AMOLED touch screen supports the S pen stylus. But unlike other S pen devices, the Note 10+ can do something special:

It supports air gestures. These are commands you can give your phone with the stylus without actually touching the display. The S pen supports more new features like air doodles on this device.

Performance wise, Note 10+ doesn’t disappoint. It’s easily one of the fastest Android phone on the market. Unfortunately, it’s not as fast as some iPhones though.

The camera assembly is the best the Samsung has to offer. In addition to the standard telephoto and and wide-angle lenses, Samsung has added an ultra-wide lens to the camera.

The camera works like its own DSLR with a bunch of new features for focusing and editing. You can expect high-res pictures without issues. While the camera is improved, rival brands like Apple and Huawei offers better at this price range.

Still, the Night Mode on the Note 10+ is a standout feature. You rarely get this level of low-light clarity from a smartphone.

The cherry on top of all these is the battery. The massive battery is long lasting and can easily survive the day.

The Note 10+ is not perfect. Some of the software additions are iffy. Still, it’s definitely the cream of the crop of Android phones.

Best Samsung Camera Phone

Best Budget Option

Samsung Galaxy M20

If you want the best Samsung camera for the least price, then your best bet is probably the Galaxy M20.

The M20 has a dual camera setup. That doesn’t sound impressive, but Samsung includes several features you probably won’t find on any other phones at this price range.

The M20 has a great rear camera with a 13MP sensor. This is what makes this special.

It has a second lens for wide angle shots. That’s feature you usually find only on more expensive phones.

The M20 offers great detail and good colour accuracy to pictures snapped during daytime. The more sun there is, the better your photos would come out.

The camera has AI-powered software to improve your shots. The sensor can enhance detail and depth of pictures you hastily take. You can add effects like bokeh, which come out much better than expected.

The 5MP front camera can also add good detail to your selfies. However, you will need to hold the phone very steady for the best pictures.

The M20 camera setup isn’t perfect. It’s quite disappointing that neither camera works great in low-light conditions. If you want better night shots, you will have to pick a pricier model like the one below.

Best High End Option

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung’s flagship Note 10+ has the best Samsung camera period.

You get a four-camera setup with different types of lenses. The newest addition is the ultra-wide lens, which you don’t find in older Samsung phones (including the expensive ones).

The camera enables a bunch of new functions. In addition to taking high-res photos, you can add various effects.

The camera setup comes with a new sensor to improve depth effects. So when shooting portraits, you can get better bokeh effects, for example. That is a feature that can make photos artfully blurry.

There are more things like that you can achieve with the Note 10+. The ultra-wide lens can capture massive panoramic landscapes.

The Note 10+ has a praiseworthy Night Mode feature that will help you capture shots in low-light conditions. The AI-powered feature will make it easier to see the color and outlines of objects photographed in the evenings.

Overall, the photos come out highly detailed. The colour is quite vibrant. And you can shoot videos too…in 4k!

Best Samsung Phone Battery

The Galaxy A70 and A20 both have beefy batteries, nothing comes close to the M30s. This smartphone packs a massive 6,000mAH battery. That’s rare even on high-end versions.

On sheer capacity wise, the M30s has the best battery. The big battery is intended to support the phone’s gaming capabilities. You can play a game like PUBG for 2 to 4 hours straight depending on settings.

Outside of gaming, the battery can easily last a day. A battery this big can easily handle things like checking email, playing music, or watching video. Ultimately, it’s what you do that will determine battery life on any phone. But when you have a huge capacity battery like this, you can expect prolonged use.

All You Need to Know Before Buying a Samsung Phone

Read on to learn about unique Samsung features, fun facts, and upcoming models to keep an eye on:

1. Special UI Features

Like most Android manufacturers, Samsung smartphones come with a customized operating system. Samsung calls it the OneUI. It runs alongside the Android platform. Here are several unique features you can enjoy with OneUI:

Large Screen Support

Smartphones are very pragmatic when you are on the go. But when you are at home, you might prefer to stream that video or play that Android game on a larger screen. Well, OneUI supports that.

Samsung offers a feature called the DeX dock that allows users to project their smartphone screen to a larger monitor. This essentially lets use your smartphone kind of like a PC.

You will need a monitor or a TV with an HDMI port to make use of DeX. Once it’s set up, you can enjoy your apps on ultrawide screens.

Game Launcher

Samsung was the first brand to offer gaming features on Android phones. Nowadays there are others trying to copy this feature. But Samsung’s OneUI still has one of the best gaming docks.

With OneUI, you can store all your games in one folder. Plus, you get a bunch of gaming tools. These allow you to do things like change the FPS or the screen resolution. All are nifty options for gamers.

Gesture-Based Navigation

Samsung has its own unique set of gestures for navigating Galaxy phones. These are different from what you find on other smartphones.

OneUI takes gesture navigation a step further with the S Pen stylus. In the latest Galaxy models, S Pen supports air gestures. These are ways to navigate your smartphone barely even touching the screen.

Some OneUI devices have extra gestures to support one-handed use. That is, you can fully make use of your phone just with one hand. This will come in handy when you are holding on in the bus during rush hour. 

Special Folder for Sensitive Files

OneUI offers a secure folder to keep all documents and media files that you don’t want anyone else to easily access. What makes Secure Folder so different is that you have to access it separately.

The Secure Folder has its own PIN. So even if someone manages to steal your PIN and access your phone, they won’t have access to the Secure Folder.

On supported devices, you can access the Secure Folder with a fingerprint or iris scanner too.

Edge Panel

OneUI allows easy access to all your favourite apps with the Edge Panel. It’s essentially an app tray that’s cleverly hidden on the edge of the screen.

You can easily access the edge panel with a swipe of your finger. Very useful, but only available on Galaxy phones released 2014 onwards.

Lift to Wake

Not in the mood to press the power button to wake your Galaxy device? Never mind that. OneUI offers the option to wake your phone when you lift it. It’s super convenient. You will have to enable this option from the settings.

2. How Often Would You Get Software Updates?

OneUI was released in 2018, so it’s fairly new. You can expect the software to get updates with Android version updates.

In late 2019, Samsung announced OneUI 2.0, which will support the latest version of Android. Samsung isn’t known to lag behind software updates so there’s some assurance that the OS won’t quickly get outdated.

3. Notable Celebrities that use Samsung Phones

Samsung is not just for the peasants, the stars use these devices too:

Ellen DeGeneres—The famous comedian snapped her viral Oscars selfie in 2014 on a Samsung Galaxy device. Take that Apple!

Jay Z—The rap superstar doesn’t just own a Samsung smartphone, he partnered with the brand. One of his albums were offered to fellow Galaxy owners for free.

David Ortiz—The Red Sox player snapped a viral selfie with Barack Obama at the White House on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

David Beckham—The British soccer star goes everywhere with his Samsung phone. Probably because he also has a marketing deal with the company.

LeBron James—The basketball celeb is known for his selfies. He loves snapping those on a Samsung device.

4. Samsung Trivia

Here are several fun facts about Samsung phones to impress your friends with:

  • The company that builds Samsung smartphones has been around since 1938. This conglomerate is made up of some 80 companies.
  • Samsung Group built the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.
  • In 1995, then chairman of Samsung Electronics, Kun-hee Lee, stacked up a bunch of Samsung smartphones and proceeded to smash them with hammers. It sounds astounding, but it was a demonstration to urge employees to improve the quality of products. We are glad the demonstration drove home the point.
  • In 1996, Samsung released the first CDMA phone. The technology was a predecessor to the 4G LTE we have today.
  • Samsung made a “watch phone” way back in 1996. The design was crude, but without it, we probably won’t see smartwatches today.
  • Samsung phones are actually older than Android, the platform they currently run on. The company made old brick phones with colour displays in the early 2000s that even had icon arrangements.
  • In 2001, Samsung introduced their phones to the U.S. market running on something called the Palm OS. These were pretty much the first “smartphones” in the world.

5. Upcoming Samsung Phones to be Excited about

Samsung will release around eight phones in 2020, possibly even more. That’s a lot of phones to be excited about.

While most models are still rumours, Samsung has confirmed the release of Galaxy S11 on February 11th in 2020.

With the release of Android 10 and OneUI 2.0, the S11 is sure to pack a ton of new features. So mark your calendars for the day.


Hopefully, all the Samsung phone models and prices are now a lot less confusing. Share the list with your friends and family. Shoot us any questions you may still have. 

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