Samsung S7 Price ​​​In Sri Lanka Is the Former Flagship Any Good?

It’s not 2016 anymore. Four years have passed and Samsung has released a range of flagships since the Galaxy S7. Is the phone still worth it? Let’s answer this below.

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1440x2560 pixels
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Exynos 8890 Octa

What Is The Current Samsung S7 Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 20000

The S7 is no longer available for purchase brand new. Given that it's been more than 4 years since its release, we weren't expecting to find any second-hand phones either. However, we were surprised to find some users selling their used S7s for around Rs. 20,000.

Samsung S7 Review


It’s 2020 and phones are huge. The S7 is overshadowed by the majority of devices on the market. After all, its dimensions are only 142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm. Is this a bad thing, however? Smaller phones are easier to use. This is especially true for the Samsung Galaxy S7 as its edges are curved, letting it fit snug into palms.

Not only is it small, it’s also lightweight. This would’ve passed in 2016, but recent phones are all about weight - the heavier it is, the more premium it’ll feel. So, how light is the S7? A whopping 152 grams.

You can’t deny that it looks great though. The Samsung device comes in a Gorilla Glass 4 body, wrapped in an aluminum frame. There’s a premium metallic finish, reminding you that the phone’s a former flagship. However, there’s a catch. How do you feel about fingerprint magnets? That’s exactly what its back is. This is especially true for the silver variant.

Speaking of variants, you can get the phone in 5 different colours. You’ve already met the silver, the rest are rose gold, gold, white and black.

Let’s talk about its build a bit more. Buttons are exactly where they were on the S6. There’s a stark improvement, however. The camera bump on the S7 is noticeably smaller, but still present. Then again, phone cases exist for a reason.

You’ll notice the tactile home button on the display. It eats a chunk of the screen, but fortunately for us, flagships don’t come with such layouts anymore. If you guessed it, the phone’s fingerprint sensor is on the home button.


The S7’s screen is powerful. It seriously packs a punch, giving phones in 2020 a run for their money. But is it flagship worthy? Not by our current standards. You get a Super AMOLED screen. This means the colours pop, but doesn’t provide as much contrast as Samsung’s newer Dynamic AMOLEDs.

It is sharp, however. The S7 has a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels. It’s about as sharp as the brand’s current high-end mid-rangers. 2019’s S10 came with a 1440 x 3040-pixel resolution, gobbling the S7 up. It’d be tight competition if we compared the sharpness of 2020’s S20 to the S7.  

A large portion of its display was eaten by the top and bottom bezel. This makes the 72.1% screen-to-body ratio, not a surprise. You don’t get a very immersive experience, especially since the phone’s so small.

You’re probably wondering what type of glass is on its display. You get the same Gorilla Glass 4 as its back. It’s certainly durable, don’t get me wrong, but you won’t appreciate it as you’re probably going to stick a tempered glass on.

Samsung S7 - Sri Lanka


Samsung flagships are known for their small batteries. It isn’t surprising to see a 3000 mAh unit in the Galaxy S7. The S20 has a 4000 mAh battery, and unfortunately, that’s still not big enough.

So, how does the S7 fair? You can squeeze a day out of it, at most.

Being a former flagship, it’s also not a surprise that it comes with fast charging. Even the most budget devices come with the feature these days.

The 20 W fast charger takes the phone from 0-100% in about an hour and a half. By no means is this bad as the newer S8 takes as long as well.

Other than this:

We loved that the device comes with wireless charging. It makes life easier but is certainly not life-changing.


Depending on which variant of the S7 you get, its processor would differ. You’re going to find the Exynos variant in Sri Lanka, and most of the world. if you purchased the phone from the US, it would be the Snapdragon version.

The Exynos 8890 is by your side. Being the chipset of a former flagship, it’s snappy. It’s a dream to work with, especially since the phone comes with so much RAM. You get 4 gigs, making lag an issue you barely, if not, never face.

Samsung took the phrase ‘if it isn’t broken, why fix it?’ to heart. The more expensive S8 and S9 also come with 4 GBs of RAM.

You can game with it, but it won’t be that great an experience due to the phone’s size and screen to body ratio.

What about storage space? You can choose from 32 or 64 gigs of space. We don’t know why Samsung decided to leave the 128-gig option out, the older S6 came with it. Thankfully, the S7 comes with a microSD card slot, letting you expand its storage.

You’re probably excited about Android 10. So, wondering if the S7 is getting the update or not is warranted. Sorry to disappoint, but the phone didn’t get the Android 9 update, so expecting the Android 10 update would make no sense. You’re now probably wondering what Android variant you get out of the box. This would be Android 6, but you can upgrade the S7 to Android 8.


The phone’s camera has less pixels than the S6 but is the same size. You’re getting a 12 MP unit, instead of a 16 MP one. It definitely holds its own against the S6, which was crowned 2015’s best camera phone by many.

It’s amazing, capturing immense detail and colour. After all, there’s a dual-pixel sensor on the phone, making it DSLR like.

Without an additional wide-angle camera, it can still take some wide shots due to the dimensions of its lens.

It certainly has a camera fit for 2020. However, it can’t out beat the cameras on Samsung’s newer devices.

In terms of its selfie camera, there’s a 5 MP sensor that’s good, but not something worth talking about.


What do you think about the S7? Tell us in the comments below! In the meantime, let’s take a look at a few alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung reduced the top and bottom bezels that we disliked so much. With much of the bezels gone, you get an 83.5% screen-to-body ratio. The fact that its screen is big helps as well. Don’t get your hopes up, however. It’s not big by 2020 standards. You’re getting a 5.8-inch device.

The 5.8-inch display is Super AMOLED. You already know how we feel about it.

We were glad to see how sharp the S8 was. It’s needle fine, coming with a 1440 x 2960-pixel screen resolution. It outdoes S7 but is still not as sharp as newer Samsung flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S8 - Sri Lanka.

In terms of the glass on the front, it’s Gorilla Glass 5. The glass is on the back too, making the phone more durable than its predecessor. That being said, it’s still light. You’re getting a device that’s 155 grams.

The S8 has an HDR10 screen too. This means it’s capable of streaming HDR10 content.

As expected, you don’t get Android 6 out of the box. Instead, it’s Android 7. It can be upgraded to Android 9, but this is about it. You won’t be getting Android 10.

In terms of what Android 9 will be powering, it’s a device that comes with the Exynos 8895 chip. It’s much faster than the chip in the S7. Of course, the S8 comes in a Snapdragon variant too, sold in the US.

Unfortunately, its battery is really small. It’s also a 3000 mAh unit. It doesn’t last as long as the S7 though.

No surprise, the phone comes with a fast charge. You’re getting a 15 W fast charger, taking the device from 0-100% in about an hour and a half. Yes, wireless charging is available too.

But what about memory variants? There aren’t that many actually. You only get one that comes with 64 gigs of space and 4 GBs of RAM.

Camera-wise, the same rear sensor in the S7 is present. This time, you get an 8 MP front camera that’s more dynamic.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung S6 was released in 2015. Keep this in mind when thinking of making a purchase. It’s old, but is it a good phone? Yes.

For starters, it comes with a glass body. Once again, you’re met with Gorilla Glass 4 on its rear. Its frames are lined with aluminum, making things even more durable. As you guessed, the glass is on the front too.

It’s much lighter than its brother, unfortunately. The phone’s 138 grams, so it’s a feather in comparison. It’s a stark contrast to flagships in 2020.

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Sri Lanka

Being released before notches were a thing, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of bezel on the phone. You get a 70.7% screen-to-body ratio with your purchase. Although not great by today’s standards, 70.7% isn’t too bad when compared to its brother.

Their screens are similar too. The S6 comes with the same screen resolution and Super AMOLED panel as its brother, giving you an equally immersive viewing experience.

We have to talk about its chipset. It’s not uber fast by today’s standards but is more of a processor seen in today’s mid-rangers. What exactly do you get? The Exynos 7420. The S7’s chipset runs laps around it. Unlike its sibling, you don’t get a Snapdragon variant, however.

Speaking of variants, what are your memory options? You can choose from 32, 64, and 128 GBs of space. Unfortunately, you only get 3 gigs of RAM. This means your device won’t be as snappy as the Galaxy S7.

You get a single camera set up again. It’s a 16 MP wide sensor. It’s incredible, being crowned 2015’s best camera by tech enthusiasts all over the world. It gives the S7’s camera a run for its money. We’d even say that In 2020, the S6’s sensor is still something to gawk at.  

In terms of its front camera, there isn’t much to talk about. You get the same front set up as the Galaxy S7.

Did we mention the Android version you get? If the S7 won’t be getting the Android 10 update, there’s no way the S6 will. Out of the box, you get Android 5, in case you’re wondering.

Moving on:

The S6 takes an hour and a half to get charged, similar to the S7. Its battery is seriously small, though. It’s only 2550 mAh. It can barely last a day, definitely not as long as its successor can.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The S7 and S7 Edge are strikingly similar, being each other’s best alternative. The S7e is heavier than its brother, though. The device is 157 grams. It feels more premium in your hand. This doesn’t mean it isn’t built from different materials. Both phones have Gorilla Glass 4 bodies with aluminum frames.

It not only feels more premium, but it also looks more premium. The edge in its name isn’t there for fun. The phone’s sides are completely curved, giving way to ‘edges’. The edges are functional. They can light up and display your notifications. However, are they that useful? Samsung abandoned them the following year.

The phone’s bigger, but not by much. It’s a 5.5-inch device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - Sri Lanka

It comes with the same Super AMOLED display and screen resolution as its counterpart. As there are no side bezels, it’s obvious that the S7 edge comes with a better screen to body ratio, it’s 76.1%.

Similarly, you get Android 6 out of the box. You can upgrade it to Android 8, but that’s as far as you’ll be going. No surprise, the Samsung device is not receiving the Android 10 update.  

Since the S7 came with two versions, one with a Snapdragon chip, and the other with the Exynos, we’re not shocked that the S7E does the same. If you’re wondering what these chipsets are, you’re met with the same ones in its brother.

What about its camera?

You’re getting the same set up in the S7. This is true for its front and back cameras.

Let’s move onto the battery:

Its unit is larger than its brother’s by 600 mAh, easily letting it last a day. Other than this, you’re getting the same fast charger and ability to wirelessly charge.

In terms of memory variants, you have a better selection to choose from. You can choose from 32, 64, or 128 GBs of space, along with 4 gigs of RAM. Of course, it comes with a microSD slot like the previous 3 too. We would’ve been surprised otherwise.


The verdict’s in. We think that the S7 is a phone worth your time. Although it was released this year, its specs hold up well. This is especially true for its camera. However, does it look like a phone from this year? Not at all. Its bezels and stature stick out like sore thumbs.

If you want the S7 but can’t bear its screen to body ratio, the S7 edge exists. Its edge display looks futuristic, so you’ll fool people into thinking your device is a new release. 

Hopefully, you found our review useful. If you did, make sure to visit our Facebook page. We regularly update it with informative content for phone lovers.

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