Samsung Galaxy M30s Price in Sri Lanka - Is It Worth the Purchase?

The M30s is a clear upgrade to its predecessor, the Galaxy M30. But does this mean it’ll make a good purchase? We answered this and more below.

screen size
1080x2340 pixels
Phone Camera
Exynos 9611

What Is The Current Samsung Galaxy M30s Price In Sri Lanka?

Rs. 50000

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Samsung Galaxy M30s Review


The M30s is a handset that was released a year ago. Samsung seems to have followed its normal mid-range build with it. It’s made from quality plastic throughout. The plastic on it is glossy, so it feels premium. It makes it look glass-like from the distance too.

It especially feels good as there’s a bit of weight to it. The M30s comes in at 188 grams. The more weight a device has, the more premium it’ll feel.

The phone’s thin. But it’s not paper thin. The following are its dimensions, 159 mm x 75.1 mm x 8.9 mm.

Units these days are all about being huge. The mid-ranger does not disappoint. Its screen stretches 6.4 inches across. Although large, it’s easy to use. Samsung placed its buttons in all the right places.

In the blue variant, it has a bit of a gradient to it. However, you can pick it up in the following shades as well:

  • Opal Black
  • Pearl White

Looking across its sides, you’ll find a 3.5 mm headphone jack. More expensive phones these days have been coming without it, so this is refreshing to see. Not only is the port present, but you’re getting a microSD slot too. This is appreciated as the handset comes with a lot of storage anyway.


As its screen is big, you’re getting an immersive viewing experience. The fact that it has barely any bezels helps as well. So, what’s its screen-to-body ratio like? It’s 84.2%. You’re not getting a punch-hole, though. There is a notch. If you’re a notch hater, know that it’s small and can be hidden through its systems’ settings.

The panel on its display is awesome. You’re met with Super AMOLED. It’s ‘super’ vibrant. Its front is bright too. Although the gold standard for max nits is 500, the M30s comes close. It can go up to 420. When dealing with the bright Sri Lankan sun, this is what you want.

Its screen is sharp. The following’s its resolution – 1080 x 2340 pixels. You won’t notice anything iffy, even if you look closely.

If for some reason you’re not happy with its viewing experience, you can meddle with its temperature and colour settings, making things even better.

Samsung M30s - Sri Lanka


There’s a massive battery in place. It is a 6000 mAh unit. The Samsung device can easily last around 2 days. The fact that it has expert power-saving modes means that it’ll last way longer.

You’ll be using a USB-C port. To it, you’ll be plugging a 15 W fast charger. Although it comes with fast charging, how long it takes to charge is the opposite of fast. It goes from 0-100% in over 2 hours.

If you’re expecting reverse and wireless charging, get ready to be disappointed. We would’ve loved it if it came with reverse charging as its large battery would easily let it work as a power bank.


What’s its processor? You’re met with the Exynos 9611.  You can get extensive with it, even being able to play hard-core games. Does this mean it’s as good as a flagship processor, though? Not a chance. It’ll get annihilated by a unit like the Exynos 990.

As mentioned, there is a MicroSD slot. You’ll feel spoiled as you can already pick it up with 64 and 128 GB of space, and 4 or 6 GB RAM. Force-closing won’t ever be an issue.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the M30s variant with the 6 gigs of RAM, know that it’ll be pricier than the others.

Out of the box, it runs Android 9. Our favourite One UI is present. It’s good-looking and easy to maneuver. You’re probably wondering if you can upgrade its systems to Android 10 or not. The answer is yes. This is a relief as the features it comes with is great – who wouldn’t want dark mode?


There is a triple set-up on its rear. Its primary sensor is a 48 MP wide lens, its secondary sensor is an 8 MP ultrawide lens, and its tertiary sensor is a 5 MP depth sensor. How do they do? They shoot colour accurate shots, but they’re not the most vibrant. In low light, it’s clear that they struggle.

What about its selfie cam? There’s a single 16 MP wide sensor. It’ll keep you Instagram ready.


Now that you know everything about it, give the following section a read. We discussed similarly priced units, helping you decide on it better.

Samsung Galaxy A50s

The A50s was released in 2019 like its counterpart. It’s made of plastic. It is also a large device. Its screen stretches 6.4 inches across.

It’s got some weight to it but is lighter than the M30s – you know that we’re fans of heavy handsets. It comes in at 169 grams.

The glass on its display is Gorilla Glass 3; scratching it would be hard. The panel on its display is good too. It is Super AMOLED. As you know, it’s super vibrant. Its screen-to-body ratio is impressive as well. It is 85.1%, which is why there’s not much bezel action going on.

Samsung A50s - Sri Lanka

In the sharpness department, we weren’t disappointed. It rocks a 1080 x 2340-pixel front. You won’t notice anything iffy even if you look closely.

Out of the box, it runs Android 9. Like its counterpart, you will be able to upgrade it to Android 10. It also makes use of our favourite One UI.

You’re already familiar with the chipset inside of it. It is the Exynos 9611.

The A50s comes with expandable storage. It already offers impressive storage options, though. You can pick it up with 64 and 128 GB ROM along with 4 or 6 GB RAM.


A 4000 mAh unit is present. The mid-ranger would last well over a day. You’ll be charging it with a 15 W fast charger. It goes from 0-100% in about 2 hours.

Let’s talk about its camera before moving onto our next entry. There is a triple set-up on its rear. Its primary sensor is a 48 MP wide lens, its secondary sensor is an 8 MP ultrawide lens, and its tertiary sensor is a 5 MP depth sensor.

On its front, a gigantic 32 MP wide lens is present.

Oppo F15

You’re looking at a phone that was released this year. Although newer than its Samsung counterpart, it is still in its price range.

The F15 has a plastic build. It’s also a massive phone. Its screen is 6.4 inches. The glass on its front is highly resistant. It’s Gorilla Glass 5, so it’ll be hard to scratch.

You’re not getting Super AMOLED on its display. However, it’s a regular AMOLED. It packs a punch – its viewing experience is vibrant. Its screen-to-body ratio is good too. It is 85.5%.

Oppo F15 - Sri Lanka

When it comes to its sharpness, there are 1080 x 2400 pixels. This makes its viewing experience crisper.

Onto its insides:

The device runs Android 9 out of the box. Will you be able to upgrade it to Android 10? The answer is yes. We’re not the biggest fan of its UI, though. It is Oppo’s ColorOS. It’s pretty heavy.

Its chipset is the Helio P70. Compared to the Exynos 9611, it gets beaten but barely.

Yes, there is a MicroSD slot. You’ll be able to expand its storage, which you might not end up doing as it is available in good ROM, however. You can purchase it with 128 GB of space, and 4 or 8 GB of RAM. The 8 GB RAM variant makes it super snappy.

The battery inside of it is much smaller than its alternative. There is a 4025 mAh unit present. You’ll be able to last around a day and a half with it. To charge the device, you’ll be connecting a 20 W fast charger. The phone makes use of VOOC 3.0, helping it charge fast. It’ll go from 0-50% in around 30 minutes.

There is a quad-camera set-up available. Its primary sensor is a 48 MP wide lens, its secondary sensor is an 8 MP ultrawide lens, its tertiary sensor is a 2 MP B/W lens and its fourth sensor is a 2 MP depth sensor.

Its front camera isn’t as flashy. You’re getting a single shooter. It is a 16 MP wide lens. It’s Instagram approved. 

Nokia 6.1 Plus

The 6.1 Plus was released 2 years ago. It is not made from plastic. It rocks a Gorilla Glass 3 rear with an aluminum frame. It feels very premium because of this. However, the aluminum and gorilla glass make it slippery – the handset feels like soap.

If it came with more weight, it would feel even more luxurious. It weighs 151 grams.

In 2020, size matters. Although it’s called the ‘Plus’, it isn’t that big. Its screen stretches 5.8 inches across. If you have smaller hands, using it would be easier, though.

Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6) - Sri Lanka

It’s got a good screen-to-body ratio. That being said, it’s not as impressive as the M30s’. Its ratio is 81.5%. 

Similar to its rear, you’re getting Gorilla Glass 3 on its front. It can handle scratches well.

In the sharpness department, it does good. The following’s its resolution, 1080 x 2280 pixels. Considering its smaller than the M30s, but has a resolution that’s almost as sharp, you’re getting a crisper viewing experience.

Its battery is not the biggest. It is a 3060 mAh unit. It will fully drain in around a day. To charge it, you’ll be making use of an 18 W fast charger. It’ll go from 0-100% in around an hour and a half.

What is its chipset?

It is the Snapdragon 636. It’s a processor fit for a mid-ranger. Compared to the Exynos unit in its counterpart, it doesn’t do as good, sadly.

Out of the box, there is Android 8.1. You can upgrade its systems to Android 10. Nokia’s beloved for making use of Stock Android. This means there’ll be no heavy UI slowing its systems down. There’d be no bloatware either.

There is a MicroSD slot on it. But the storage it comes with is alright. You can purchase it with 32 and 64 GB of space, along with 4 and 6 GB RAM.

Its front camera consists of a dual set-up. You’re getting a 16 MP primary sensor, and a secondary 5 MP depth sensor. It’s noteworthy that the handset comes with dual LED-flash too.

On its front, a 16 MP single shooter is present. It’ll leave you Instagram ready.

Final Thoughts

The M30s is a good handset. But when compared to phones in the same price range, it’s clear that the Oppo F15 is superior. You have the option of picking it up with 8 GB of RAM. You’d expect this from a flagship. We’re especially fond of its charging capabilities. Its VOOC 3.0 tech lets it go from 0-100% in around an hour. Who wouldn’t want that?

Although the M30s’ processor is better than its, remember that it barely beats it. We’d look into it instead of the Samsung device.

Even the Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6) which is older than it gives it a run for its money. This is especially true in the build department. It feels much more expensive.

But the M30s beats them all when it comes to battery life. Who wouldn’t want a 6000 mAh unit?

If you’d like to learn about more Samsung mid-rangers, check our Facebook out. We regularly rank them with other brands’ devices.

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